How to Look After Yourself this December.

AD – This post contains gifted products.

I’m all about those changes in December that’ll help me come January…

I’m also alllll about the little changes that you can make that will make the biggest difference to how you feel. It’s all about those little decisions which after a while, will just become second nature.

Things such as having porridge for breakfast. I normally have toast for breakfast but porridge is that tiny bit lighter, more filling and you can also top it with lots of different things so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same thing every day. It’s also a slightly more healthy breakfast as it’s packed with fiber. It’ll make sure that you start your day good as around Christmas, food gets a lot richer!

I’ve also been trying to introduce as much gentle exercise into my day as possible. So walking as much as you can is always a good one, even just parking further away from the shops will add more to your normal routine. I’ve been trying to go out for slightly longer with the dogs, even just five minutes can make a big difference. I’ve also go been trying to go around areas that have a gentle incline.

I have been thinking of getting a gym membership come the new year, however, I’m quite lucky in the fact that my mum actually owns a rowing machine and has been letting me use it! Even just five minutes a day is more than I would have done and it’s a very gentle way to exercise that works out your whole body. It’s really made a big difference to her and she says it makes her feel so much stronger.

Now, I’m sure we all know we should be drinking water, this is actually quite easy for me as I love a cold glass of water and increasing your exercise will naturally make you reach for water more. I’ve also been reaching for herbal teas instead of my normal coffees and having a glass of Allkme each morning.

Allkme is a natural plant-based supplement (which is also Vegan) that looks after your health and skin as well as promoting a healthy gut. Allkme very kindly sent me over the Green Elixir which I have been having every day for a little while now.

The Green Elixir is a concentrated source of daily greens with all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep you glowing inside and out, introducing this into my routine and diet this December is the perfect boost for my health. I’ve also been experimenting with sprinkling it onto my porridge (instead of just drinking it), I also think this would be perfect in smoothies as well.

Have you got any tips on how to feel healthier this December?