Bloggers Secret Santa 2019

The wonderful Casey organises a Bloggers Secret Santa each year and this year, she very kindly asked if I’d like to take part. I was so thrilled to be asked. I’m part of so many Secret Santa’s this year however this one is so special as there are so many lovely girls involved (who haven’t met!) all buying presents for each other which is completely secret until revealed.

I love being part of the Blogging/Instagram community for exactly this reason. It’s so wholesome and it was so fun to take part. Casey did such an amazing job at organising everything as there were so many people involved!

I was brought some lovely gifts from the wonderful Gemma, and I wanted to share them below as she got me down to a T. There’s some beauty, a candle (which smells AMAZING) and some lovely little treats, everything I could have wanted. It was all wrapped up well and stored in such a lovely box which I’ll definitely be keeping. She also decided to reveal who she was (which is up to you whether you do or not but it does get revealed at a later date) and I’m so glad she did so I could properly thank her.

I loved the card that she included, it was so cute and one of the first Christmas cards that I received!

The candle literally smells amazing, even my boyfriend agreed and it made the whole box smell SO good. I absolutely love the little personalised touch that it brought to the whole gift too. She also included some chocolate… because what present is complete without a little treat? I’ve not really brought any for myself lately so I was really looking forward to opening that up. As well as a selection pack she also got me a more gourmet looking chocolate bar which I can’t wait to try!

Lastly, I received a couple of beauty items, a really lovely bubble bar that you pop in the bath and also a watermelon face mask. I can’t wait to have a little pamper with both of these.

I really enjoyed being part of this year’s Bloggers Secret Santa. I admire Casey for creating it. I think it’s such a lovely way of bringing people together at this time of year.

Are you involved in any Secret Santa’s this year?

You can follow Casey here and read her blog here.