Lifestyle Changes That Have Made Me Happier.

Recently, I’ve found that I was quite unhappy with my surroundings and situation. I’m not had the best year as some of you will know and because of this, I think I’ve spent a lot of the last year in a kind of haze. I would love to say that I had some kind of big moving moment when I decided to make changes things in my life for the better but that didn’t really happen. Instead, I’ve been making simple, small decisions to improve my life.

As I am on thyroxine, I find it quite hard to lose weight and maintain a good weight. However, this year I have managed to lose a stone (I put on two after my surgeries from just being inactive and resting) and although I hate putting a focus on weight issues or discussing it, I should be proud of myself. Losing weight has made me feel somewhat like my old self again and you can tell the difference around my face. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to lose a bit more and I’ve been making small everyday decisions to help with that.

I’ve started cutting out food that I know won’t make me feel good (but keeping the odd treat in my diet) and trying to add more greens and veg, even just sneakily like when I make pasta, I’ll try to have broccoli with it and add spinach into everything as it wilts down and you can’t tell it’s there.

One of the biggest changes I’ve been trying to make is improving how much water I drink. This is also something that’s slightly out of my control as I have recently found out that I have a kidney condition (there’s a possibility out of two and I’ve got a CT scan coming up to find out which one it is). I’ve completely cut out alcohol and reduced my coffee/caffeine intake. I’ve stopped drinking fizzy drinks and have added more herbal/fruit teas into my diet. I’ve also been trying to drink around 3000ml of water every day. I think this really helps with my concentration levels and just makes me feel that tiny bit more human. It definitely stops me from getting as many headaches as well.

As well as making changes to my diet, Elliot and I have definitely been more active too. We have been dog sitting for a friend of ours quite regularly at the moment which has meant I have to go for walks every day/multiple times a day. For someone who has trouble leaving the house without a reason, having this obligation has really helped. Going for a gentle walk every day did really help me not only exercise-wise, but I think it did wonders for my mental health too. I love this time of year and getting out into the crisp, fresh air was needed.

I’ve been trying to improve my life in other aspects too. All my spare energy recently has been put into trying to get Elliot and I debt-free and whilst we’re not quite there yet.. our situation has definitely improved. I know it’s a bit of a taboo subject as no one likes talking about money. But with only living on one wage at the moment, these things happen. We are in a much better position then we were even a few months ago and I’ve really been trying to reduce our outgoings, by only having one ‘treat’ a month, reducing how much we were spending on food and cooking at home more (which made for some weird meals..) and reducing bills such as cutting down on how many contacts I have a month. I also made sure to really try to organise our space and sell anything for that tiny bit of extra money.

And the last thing I’ve been trying to improve is our impact on the environment. I’ve been cutting down on how much meat we eat and I’ve also been having purely vegetarian meals again. I also invested in some metal straws (from flying tiger!).

I think it’s quite easy to let everything pass you by when you have bigger concerns, like when you’re unwell. However, putting my energy into something has distracted me and given me something to focus on. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference to a situation and can make you feel so much better in the long run.

I don’t want this post to be at all “look at me and all the amazing things I’m doing”. But more a way of holding myself accountable for all the changes that I have made and recognising that.

What are some lifestyle changes you want to make? Any tips?