Making My Home More Natural With Simply Earth.

AD – This Post Contains Gifted Items.

The world of essential oils is something that I’ve wanted to get involved in for a while, however, so far I’ve only experimented with Lavender oil to try to help me sleep! When the wonderful people over at Simply Earth got in touch, I knew I wanted to collaborate with them.

Simple Earth is quite simply, a subscription box service where they send you a box filled with essential oils each month. The whole thing is curated by the Simply Earth team and contains four essential oils, plus the recipe cards, and any extras that you need. This month’s box was very Autumnal themed which was perfect for me, I was so excited about getting creative with these recipes.

Included inside was; Cassia Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Focus Essential Oil, and Balsam Fir Essential Oil. There were also the six recipe cards, some stickers and two lip balm containers, soy wick, and a candlewick.

The first recipe in the box was their Fall Diffuser Blend, this only takes one minute to do and is so quick and easy. I thought I’d start with this recipe as it sounded so simple. All you need is one drop of each essential oil (Focus, Orange, Cassia and Balsam Fir). You add all theses to a diffuser bottle and you’re done! You can also make a master blend using a 5ML Bottle (which is included in the Bonus box; They usually send this $40 bonus box for free when you start your subscription and it includes a lot of extra goodies) This recipe was so quick to do and I loved how uplifting the aroma was. Perfect for fall and the scent really lasts.

The Second recipe (and one I admit, I haven’t done quite yet) is a DIY Aromatherapy Rice Bag. This is again, another really quick recipe that only takes five minutes. This recipe is perfect for sore muscles and it has the uplifting blend of the essential oils too. Personally, I think my boyfriend would love this recipe so I need to make it for him!

The next couple of recipes are both candles. Candle making is something I haven’t done before so I was so excited to give these a go! There are two recipes to choose from (or you can do both!) and Simply Earth has included soy wax and a candle wick in this month’s box too. You can choose between a Cassia and Orange candle or a Cassia and Balsam Fir candle. Both are easy to make. You just need to melt the wax, beeswax and coconut oil before adding your essential oils. I used a metal bowl for this over a pan of hot water as I thought it would be less messy to clear up this way (but it was a slow process) or you can also melt everything in the microwave (just make sure you don’t use a metal bowl!). I used a combination of Cassia, Balsam Fir, AND Orange in my candle as I really wanted to experiment with the scents. The finished result smelt absolutely gorgeous! It’s so autumnal with a very crisp scent.

For the candle, I just used an old jam jar which had a nice label on it which worked perfectly however, it’s just ever so slightly too big so really make sure you think about how big you want your candle to be, I could have potentially made two candles instead of one but I’m very happy with how mine turned out!

I also made sure I stirred the mixture well once I had added all the essential oils as this is such an important step. Dipping the candle wick into the mixture and securing that to the bottom of the candle jar first was such a helpful tip!

The next few recipes are again, ones I haven’t made yet as I need to source some of the ingredients. They include the Focus Lip Balm (and you should know how obsessed I am with lip balm so I cannot wait to try out this recipe!) and a Joint Pain Roll-On.

All the recipes in each Simply Earth Box are really well thought out and put together and you get a recipe card which tells you exactly what you need to do and how long each recipe will take. There’s a real sense of community with this subscription box as their focus is on allowing you to create a more natural home! They even have a facebook group which you can join to share tips!

I have loved experimenting with the recipes in this month’s box and I know that it’s something that will last a long time as each bottle is such a good size, you can really build up an essential oil collection this way.

I can also reveal that the next month’s recipe box is going to be… Bath and Shower Themed! This box sounds like a gooden as they’ve included essential oils like Cinnamon, Eucalyptus (perfect for this time of year!) and Lime.

If you want to get your hands on the November box, use my code (or follow this link) MADIFREE at the checkout to get yourself an exclusive discount!

What do you think of this month’s Simply Earth box?