My Skin History & A Couple of Hydrating Favourites.

Autumn is my favourite season but all the changes cause my skin to go a bit haywire. It starts getting dry really quickly and can look quite dull at times. Not to mention I start looking rather pale (and I try to avoid self-tanning all the time so it doesn’t block my pores!). Autumn is when it gets colder as well, which after summer comes as a shock (even though I should expect it!) and I’m more likely to reach for hot drinks such as coffee/tea instead of glasses of water, which causes a whole load of blemishes and doesn’t help with my hydration.

I’ve been trying to treat myself (and my skin) better recently so not only have I increased my fruit and vegetable intake, I’ve started drinking green tea and having more glasses of water. This is something I hope to continue into Autumn/Winter, I’ve really been trying to take better care of myself.

A product that I really think has made a difference to my skin though, is the SkinPerfect Primer from Dermalogica. I have been reaching for this most days, it goes perfectly under make up and makes it last so much longer and it looks beautiful used on its own too. I find I don’t touch my face quite as much when I wear this primer (which can cause blemishes) and it just helps me look like me but slightly more refined. I normally forget to apply a sperate SPF on its own too so having a primer with SPF 30 in it really helps. I normally try to pair it up with the Skin Smoothing Cream from Dermalogica as I think they’re just a match made in heaven.

I wear the Skin Smoothing Cream most days as I find it really hydrating but light at the same time, I don’t find that my skin gets that tight feeling if I use this and I don’t have to re-apply moisturiser at any point either. It also helps the shield the skin from environmental stress and contains Grape Seed Extract (which has got so many benefits to it), Vitamin C and E.

My relationship with my skin has definitely changed over the years and I’ve started noticing how if I eat badly, my skin will be bad too, something that I never had a connection with before. When I was in my teens, I used to have really bad blemishes along my chin and jaw. I would call it acne but I never got it “diagnosed” but I did go to the doctor about it and nothing they did helped. After a while, it cleared up but I also went on the pill around this time and had been on it for years which I think helped, I doubt it would have cleared up on its own.

I’m now not taking any contraception so I’ve really had to learn what triggers blemishes for me.

It’s all a learning process but I’ve really tried to change my diet, drink more water, not touch my face and use gentle, cleansing products. I also don’t wear make up very often anymore (which has come from a bit of a lifestyle change) but if I do, I try to drink even more water around those days and remove it thoroughly afterwards so it doesn’t clog my pores.

I would also like to introduce more supplements into my diet which I am currently looking into. I’ve been meaning to order some supplements to help with my hair regrowth/growth so I’m hoping it will help my general health and skin too.

I don’t think it’s easy to have clear skin. For some people it probably is but I think it’s something that you have to continuously work on, even if that is “behind the scenes”.

Do you have naturally clear skin? Have you got any skincare tips?