Four Things For September.

Another month is coming to an end already. Honestly, the fact that it’s nearly October is still a bit of a shock, it’ll be Christmas before we know it (not that that’s a bad thing!). Although, I am excited about the festivities that the colder months bring, like going for long autumn walks and hibernating on the sofa.

01. It’s been a bit of a busy Monday for me as I’ve been trying to sort out a few bits after coming back from our London trip. We had such a lovely little trip away that was so relaxed (apart from the last day when our plans got canceled!) and I’ve been thinking of popping a London guide up as I feel like London can be such a lovely city to wander around as long as you know roughly what you want to do. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in!

02. Since being back, I’ve really focused on tidying up and having a bit of a spring clean for Autumn. Whilst we were away I managed to pop into a few homeware stores and buy some new cushions and a few little bits which have really helped change up our space. It’s made me want to focus on getting a few inexpensive finishing touches. Nothing big but they’d really help make our space perfect for getting cosy in the Autumn/Winter months. They’re the sort of things I can repurpose when we move too.

03. As I’ve been getting older, I’ve found that I thrive when I have a routine so it’s something I’m really going to try and embrace during the next few months. I think it’ll really help me (and Elliot) keep on track. I’m definitely someone who forgets to leave the house (especially as I’m not working at the moment) so I want to introduce a little exercise schedule to not only improve my health and general wellbeing, but it’ll get me moving and help with feeling excited about winter. I’d love to be one of those people who you see running along even though it’s freezing outside (or raining) so I’m going to try to do it and stick with it. Any tips would be really helpful!

04. After a bit of a slow couple of months, I feel like I’ve picked up a good few books recently so I’m back on track to read fifty by the end of the year! I’ve been really interested in thrillers recently so I’ve been picking up a lot as I find them quite fast-paced to read. Elliot and I are also planning on going to see IT Chapter too soon, the perfect film for October/Halloween. I think there are a good few films out that I want to see so I think I’ll be spending the whole of the next month inside the cinema!

I really like the fact that I’ve been continuing with these little round-up posts. It’s nice to look back over my month as a whole and pick a few things which I think are worth sharing. It’s almost like a way of appreciating what I’ve been up to.

Whats a highlight of this month for you?