My Current Haircare Line Up.

This post contains gifted products.

The haircare line that I cannot get enough of right now…

I was kindly gifted the Olive Oil Haircare Range from the lovely team over at Palmer’s recently and I’ve been giving everything a good try before offering up my thoughts. If you saw me unpackage this parcel on Instagram, you will know that I was waiting to get my haircut before giving these products a try. Mainly because I wanted to treat myself and also because I wanted to see how soft and hydrated they would keep my hair.

I’ve also been trying to appreciate my natural hair texture and work with what I’ve got instead of complaining and using a lot of heat to change it. I think the hot weather has helped with this as I just haven’t wanted to do much to my hair other than have it up in a pony/bun.

I normally use the reverse hair washing method and have done for years, something which I think works well with the Palmer’s Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo & Replenishing Conditioning Duo. Using both of these products have left my hair soft and shiny rather than weighed down. I must admit that the reverse method isn’t for everyone and you have to be careful with what products you use, as you don’t want to dry your hair out by using the shampoo after the conditioner as some shampoos are just a bit harsh, however, I think that this range works perfectly for this method. I think these range could work well for a range of hair textures too.

I have been a fan of hair oils for a good few years now, and this Moisturising Olive Oil Conditioning Spray Oil by Palmer’s is fast becoming a staple for me. I use it after washing my hair to add more hydration to the ends and also throughout the week when things are getting a bit.. frizzy. A little goes a long way but I’ve found that it works perfectly and doesn’t make my hair look greasy.

The last product in this line-up and possibly my favourite discovery out of the bunch is the Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner. I love soft, healthy feeling hair and I didn’t realise what I was missing out on until I started using this. My hair can get seriously knotted and tangled (something that gets more noticeable/worse in the summer) and I think this has been really helping. I normally apply a few spritz when I’ve taken my hair down from the towel after washing. I’ll try and get some of the excess water out, brush it through and then go in with this and do a few scrunches before leaving my hair to air dry. I love that this also doubles up as heat protection too.

I think I’m making progress with my hair and I like to think I’m keeping it healthier between cuts by reducing heat and using some fab products, like these ones! Next up, I need to work on adding texture, anything you’d recommend?

What did you think of the Palmer’s Olive Oil range?