Four Things For July.

July was a weird one, and I’m a little bit relieved to see this month finally end if I’m honest. I had to go on a medical diet (so glad that’s over!) and go to the hospital every day for a week, Elliot got made redundant AND found a new job which he still doesn’t start for a few days. Towards the end of the month, I also got a suspected kidney stone and one of my parents dogs had to go into the vet for a big leg op.. It’s been a month I’m telling you.

01. We went to see The Lion King, finally! Elliot had been bugging me since it came out so we waited a little while to see if the cinema would get quieter and booked a late showing so we weren’t surrounded by kids however it’s currently half term here in the UK so it was still v v busy. The film itself was really good, a definite fun, feel-good but heartbreaking watch. I especially enjoyed Seth Rogen as Pumba, he’s an actor I find hilarious anyway but he was so expertly cast in that role.

02. Elliot’s been doing a lot of moderations to his car in preparation for a car festival in a few days time which I know he’s incredibly excited about. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I know it’s been a tough time for him lately with all the stress surrounding his job.

He has also been working quite hard on his Instagram account and just reached 400 followers. He now gets all the struggles that I go through, with the Instagram app itself and the guilt of not posting for a few days. He also now understands how enjoyable it can be to have a little community of people who share his passions!

03. We also got a new bed this month, which isn’t terribly exciting to read about I’m sure but it was in the process of doing some other changes to our room and it has helped not only allow us to get some better nights sleep but has changed the space up a bit and refreshed the room. Moving into one room again after having a flat hasn’t been the easier of things to do (I’m sure a lot of you will understand) and instead of it just being a bedroom it’s our entire space to relax and spend time, especially for me as I’m not working at the moment so I’m constantly trying to make sure it’s a nice, tidy and relaxing space to be in.

We have had a bit of a clear-out recently and I took the time to think about our space and decide what was working for us and what wasn’t. We sold a small cabinet which was taking up a lot of space but not functioning that well for us and also the shelving unit I desperately wanted last year (I will get another one!) and replaced them both with this unit from Argos. It’s very modern and fun, slightly West-Elm inspired and I’ve enjoyed styling it. I might actually do a post about living in a small space soon so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

04. You might have noticed over on Instagram but I’ve been having a real love affair with black and white imagery lately. I’ve been a bit more carefree and experimental also which I’m quite proud of as I normally get stuck in such a rut with photography. Instagram stories is the perfect place to experiment because it’s only visible for 24 hours. There’s also an endless amount of videos on youtube giving creative Instagram story tips and tricks and I’m a little bit of obsessed with them.

How has this month been for you?