My June Goals.

I probably say this with every goals post that I write but this year is just passing by isn’t it?! Something that I’m quite glad about as the end of last year and the start of this year has been quite challenging for me.

May/June are definitely some of my favourite months of the year as the weather is just so lovely (before it gets too hot..) and it puts everyone in such a good mood. Waking up every day to clear skies and nice weather just brings so much goodness to the day and it makes blogging so much easier too.

01. Something that has been a goal of mine for a while now is to start Couch to 5k. This was meant to be something Elliot and I did last month but he hurt his back quite badly which put a stop to our plans. I like spending time on the sofa as much as anyone does but I think some good exhausting exercise will help me sleep better and improve my health to no end so fingers crossed this happens this month.

02. When I first started blogging, something that I was really worried about was the writing aspect as I never thought I was that good at it. Slowly over time, I have realised I enjoy writing out my thoughts and it’s definitely something I want to explore more. Reading a lot is definitely helped with this (especially as I achieved my reading goal for May!). I’ve been really enjoying writing for this little blog of mine (which you’ve probably noticed because of alll the posts!) and I’m so happy, this is something I definitely want to continue this month.

03. I have become obsessed with dried flowers recently as I think they look so lovely. I’ve been searching for pampas and eucalyptus on Instagram as I think they can look really natural and delicate in little vases. I want to try to get myself some over the next month as they’re gorgeous and obviously a bit more long-lasting than flowers.

04. You might have noticed that I’ve been having a little crisis with my images lately. This has been going on behind the scenes for a while. I was really unhappy with most of my images and the edits and I wanted to change things but I just didn’t know how. I recently had a bit of a lightbulb moment. I’m experimenting with my images and posting daily at the moment. I also want to create plans for changing my blog. I’ve had my current theme for a long time and I think a new look is in order!

05. Buy a new bed! When we moved out last year Elliot and I bought ourselves a new bed frame from Ikea, something that I’ve only just recently realised was a bad idea as I hate metal bed frames! I think we’re due a bit of an upgrade soon, something that I have been putting money away for. We want something in a neutral colour (that I can style) and it definitely has to be kingsize. Again, this might not happen this month but I’ve got my eye on one already which I like.

I normally like to keep my goal posts simple but I seem to have quite a few this month! I think the nicer weather really motivates me, not that I’m complaining.

What are your goals for June?