Four Things For June.

These types of posts are ones that I love reading the most… call me nosey but I love reading about what everyone else has got up to that month. I also loved doing my “Monday Moodboards” but I wanted to change up the style a bit. I think doing one every Monday was a tiny bit too much as some weeks I just couldn’t dedicate the time to creating them. So say hello to my new monthly round-up posts where I chat about pretty much everything and anything that has happened that month, I’d love to know if you enjoy reading these?.

01. Elliot and I went for our first run this year, our first bout of exercise for a while and also it was our first time using the Couch to 5K app. It’s safe to say that it didn’t quite go according to plan (we couldn’t finish the run!). BUT it was such a good first attempt considering I’m quite unfit. It’s probably not the best idea to start running come summer but I actually enjoyed putting my body to use. I think with some careful planning (i.e running in the morning/evening when it’s cooler) it’s definitely something I could stick at.

02. I’m steadily continuing towards my goal of reading fifty books this year. Visiting my local library had not only saved me money but they have some fab new reads.

I’m currently reading “Jog On: How Running Saved My Life” by Bella Mackle and it has really inspired me (as you can probably tell from reading this post). I won’t delve too much into it but she started running after the break up of her marriage however she has suffered from anxiety (as well as other mental health problems) for most of her life. It includes her own personal stories within it as well as facts about anxiety. It’s full of information which is really useful. A book that she mentioned in it is “Running” by Ronnie O’Sullivan (probably best know for snooker) which I need to read next.

I will probably do another book post very soon as they’re some of my favourites to write and it always interests me to see what other people are reading.

03. This one probably won’t count very much as it’s only just started the past few days towards the end of June but for the next two weeks, I have to be on a very restrictive diet for medical reasons. It’s definitely something I can do (because this is the second time I’ve had to cut out certain food for medical reasons) but I just hate the restrictive feeling it brings with it. I can’t eat out or get any takeaways, I can’t eat fish, dairy or fresh bread and for my own personal reasons, I don’t like to eat much meat. I’m hoping the Calcium levels in my blood won’t drop too much as this poses another problem but I am going to really embrace eating healthy. It’s a bit of a pain but hopefully, I can turn it into something positive. It will be interesting to see whether not having any dairy will make a difference to my skin! Also, coconut milk is so nice in lattes!

04. I know other people will probably relate to the struggle of watching TV and series with your partner… you can’t start a series without them and it normally takes us ages to watch anything as we have to watch it together! We’re near the end of watching the second season of Killing Eve after not starting it for weeks. It is so so good and I generally recommend it to everyone. Jodie Comer is amazing in it and it always astounds me how easily she can switch accents.

I’m also very happy to hear that all the seasons of Glee are coming to Netflix sometime soon. I used to watch it on Sky however I haven’t seen all the seasons and it used to be one of my favourite programmes to watch.

How has your month been?