Creative Photography Tips When You Don’t Have An SLR.

I know this might sound like a bit of a unique post but I have been using my iPhone and a small “point and shoot” camera for the last couple of months now as my SLR has been out of action. I will get it fixed sometime soon (when my lack of funds allows) but for the foreseeable future, I’ve got to deal with what I’ve got.

If you noticed, I’ve also been changing my style of photography, just to make things even more complicated. Perhaps not having an SLR has made me shake up my photography style a bit. At the moment I am posting more than ever and I’ve still been receiving lovely comments about my photography.

Obviously having a super expensive camera is great but I’ve always been of the mindset that “It’s Not The Equipment That Is The Important Part, It’s What You Do With It”. I still am of that mindset, even more now that I don’t have my “big” camera to use.


Using light is incredibly important when it comes to photography, even more so when it comes to taking a good image. I have taken shots on my iPhone before which look amazing and it all comes down to the light. However, for this post, I’m not going to go on about anything too complicated or talk all about technical details.


Shoot somewhere you know that works – this might need a bit of explaining but whether you’re shooting fashion content or flatlays, shoot somewhere that you know works for you. I normally shoot all my flatlays in the same place, this tends to be my desk as I know the lighting is always good and it’s a big area which I work well with. This doesn’t mean that all my images look the same! For fashion content, this could be a place/area which you’ve shot in before and you’ve liked the content that you’ve produced.

You can continuously go back there but get a different shot each time, different outfits, angles and even detail shots. The list is endless. You’ve shot there before so you’re comfortable and familiar with the environment. This makes the biggest difference as you’ll be happier shooting and the shots that you come away with will be better for it.


Look at other peoples photography.. but don’t copy! This is a big big point (and something that I want to talk about more in an upcoming post). You can totally become inspired by people, their way of shooting and their images but don’t copy what they’re doing. If I’m struggling to shoot content or make a certain image look “right”, one of the first places I go is either Pinterest or my saved images on Instagram. Often, I’ll also have Pinterest open on my laptop near me whilst I’m shooting. Even if I’m got a photo idea in my head that I want to create, having an open source of inspiration helps me make that image look that little bit more “done”.


This is probably one of the biggest tips for photography that I can suggest. There have been tons of times that I’ve thought a shot I took didn’t work out or didn’t look right.. then I come to edit the images and it turns out to be my favourite one! For iPhone photographers, this is an important point as sometimes I feel the camera can’t quite capture the right angles that we want or that we see with our own eyes. Even if you move things about a bit in the images or angle the camera slightly different, it can make the biggest difference to the overall shot.


I’ve included an example below but all I can say is that editing literally makes the biggest difference. Some subtle editing can literally make your images look like they were shot on an SLR. A good example of this is my boyfriend, who never studied photography like I did or had much of an interest in photography until he started his own Instagram. I showed him the before and afters of my own images and also edited some for him and he said he didn’t realise how much of a difference it made!

Some of my favourite apps to edit include Lightroom CC (from Adobe) and Vsco. If you have an iPhone it comes buildt with some editing tools, which allow you to crop and change the lighting/brightness of the image etc (I’m sure other phone models allow this too but I’m talking about iPhones as I have one and have only had iPhones for the past few years).

All my latest content including these images have been shot on my Canon EOS M10. This is a camera which I mainly use for vlogging, travelling and for when I don’t want to take my SLR. This is a ‘point and shoot’ camera, however, it is still fairly expensive. If you’re thinking about getting something like this then see it as an investment because it truly is, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take good shots without it.

A lot of the bloggers that I follow use their iPhone for shots, mostly when they’re out and about or exclusively for fashion content. I think the important part of blogging is just doing it, with whatever equipment you’ve got.

Do you have any photography tips?