My Go-To Make up Staples For Spring.

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Since March up until earlier this month, I wore zero make up on my face and actually enjoyed it. It made getting ready in the morning a dream and I still felt somewhat “done” if I curled my hair. As a lot of you know, I’ve had to have a few surgeries recently and it’s through having these surgeries that has made me re-establish my relationship with make up.

I seem to have fallen back in love with make up again. However, it’s different this time. I’ve really dropped that kind of mindset that I had before and I tend to just use some of my products to enhance how I look. I’m forever changing what I do now too, instead of having certain products I reach for and looking the ‘same’ every day. I now mix it up daily and only use what I think I need. For instance, if I’m just doing a little bit of running about, I won’t do a full face or even powder but if I know I’m going out, meeting friends or wanting to look nice I might take a little bit more time to apply mascara, falsies and a hint of glitter to make my eyes pop.

There are a few staples that have been my go-to products lately, perfect for the warmer weather. Some of these products are ones that I’ve trusted for years (and most likely mentioned before!) and some are more recent additions.

CYO Foundation

You might have seen this post where I wasn’t even sure if I liked this foundation. I have definitely made up my mind and I think it’s the perfect lightweight foundation for spring that still adds a decent amount of coverage. It leaves me looking so dewy and healthy and works well with or without powder.

Collection Perfection Lasting Concealer

A product that you’ve probably seen all on this blog before over the years as it’s something I always go back to. It adds brightness and covers dark circles well without looking cakey and you can layer it up too. The lasting power is really good on this and I think it rivals higher end concealers.

Glossier Haloscope

Possibly my favourite highlighter ever and one I will have to repurchase again and again (and soon as I’m running out!). I have the shade ‘moonstone’ and it adds the perfect natural looking glow to your skin. Looks so gorgeous and natural in photographs too. It can look a little cakey over certain foundations and if you’ve gone a bit heavy with the bronzer so a little bit goes a long way.

Topshop Smoke Stick

I am loving a bit of sparkle underneath my lashes at the moment and that’s mainly coming from the Topshop smoke sticks. I know these are really old but any kind of chunky pencil with some glitter would work, I know Bobbi Brown have some really popular ones that I need to get my hands on. I just smudge a bit under my eyes and it looks like I’ve put effort into my make up (when I really haven’t).

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

I’ve also been loving adding a flush of colour to my skin with blush. I tend to bronze up and then just apply this to my apples and up towards my cheek bones to add warmth and a hint of colour to my face. This works especially well if I’m tanned and just helps make me look healthy. I love the Sleek Rose Gold Blush as not only is it such a gorgeous colour with subtle shimmer, it lasts for ages on my skin and works well with my colouring.

What are your make up staples for the season ahead?