A Catch Up Of Last Month & My April Plans.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been sharing as much lately on my blog and that’s because I’ve been a bit all over the place. Coming out of the other side of my diagnosis is hard, perhaps harder than going through it as life doesn’t just stop. It carries on and I felt a bit left behind by everything. I explained a lot more (and better) about my feelings recently in this post.

Just a little update though, I finally found a doctor who listened to me and I have been put on anti-depressants and been encouraged to try counselling (something I’m not 100% on just yet – any experiences or advice that you’re okay to share would be amazing). I posted this Tweet not long after that appointment and I still stand by the point I made. I’ve pretty much been trying to talk to doctors about my mental health since I got diagnosed (and on and off for ages before that, especially when I dropped out of uni) and finally finding one that totally “gets it’ and helped me was amazing. I don’t understand why doctors find talking and helping people with their mental health so difficult but sometimes you just have to realise how you’re feeling isn’t right and push until you get the help you need.

I’ve been trying to get a lot more into blogging again lately, I do really think it helps me so I wanted to start these “to-do” type of posts again. They might be a bit repetitive and I know everyone and their mum seems to do these posts (not a bad thing as I’m nosey) but I find them quite motivating for the start of the month and I love to share.

  • 01. I think this is on every single one of my plans for the month but I did so so terribly with reading in March, I honestly think I read one book until the end of the month when I managed to finish two more in about four days. So I’d like to read more in April. I think the trouble is, if I read a bad book and even if I know it’s bad, I don’t like stopping halfway through. I have to finish it! It’s annoying really and the reason why I’m really slow to read books sometimes.

  • 02. Enjoy the sunshine and get out more. I’ve recently sold my Fitbit as I found it was causing me anxiety rather than motivating me however now I have nothing to account for the steps that I do. Which is fine as generally, you know when you haven’t been active enough. My boyfriend and I kept going for cycle rides when the weather was good, but it’s not been as nice recently so we stopped and I definitely think it’s something we need to start again. As well, as putting on a comfy pair of trainers and going for a walk. I love the beach around winter/spring as I find it so much quieter and when it’s sunny, it’s honestly my favourite place to be.
  • 03. On Saturday I organised for my whole family to have a cream tea at a local garden centre for Mother’s Day. Although the service was awful (honestly, I’ve never been somewhere with such bad service, the manager did not care either) but I know my mum and dad appreciated the whole family being together and it was really fun. I organised a quiz for us all to do which was a really good talking point and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I just wish that the service had been better. I know my mum feels nervous about eating out as she is gluten-free and some places just don’t cater for that (unfortunately we’ve had a few bad experiences in the past) and I can understand how she feels as I’m vegetarian so I have experiences with menus having one or two options for me. However, I think it’s definitely something we should try and do more often, it’s just going to take a little effort into finding the right restaurant and organising everyone.

I think I’m just going to keep it simple for this month ahead. Now that the better weather is here I’m hopefully going to feel a bit better about myself and my life in general (a lot of pressure on the weather there but hopefully you understand what I mean). I’m trying to stop putting pressure on myself as well as no one else is and just hope that things will fall into place when they do and not feel guilty or have this time limit in my head.

What are your plans for the month ahead?