My Top Picks From Glossier.

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I have been promising to write up my top Glossier picks for quite a while now, probably since I placed the order back in September last year. I would see everyone using their products, but always thought they were a little pricey. However, because of waiting and watching youtube videos and seeing a lot of reviews about their products, I managed to figure out what I would probably love and what I didn’t need.

I ordered two of their cloud paints, a highlighter, the boy brow and finally their mascara. I think I used a discount but I genuinely cannot remember now however there are normally loads of discounts floating about and Glossier themselves actually put sets together to save you money.

Before I get into discussing the products, I thought I’d just talk about the brand in general. Obviously, glossier products and their packaging are stunning. Their aesthetic is everything and I also received their iconic pink pouch, which you get whenever you make an order.

The only criticism is that their products are quite small, when I opened the boy brow I was so surprised at how tiny it actually was. This product has lasted me a while (although it’s pretty much empty now) however I would have liked a much bigger product for the amount of money that I spent. Also, although they offer free shipping over £30, I think the shipping is actually quite slow.

Boy Brow (Brown) £14

I’ve already mentioned above how tiny I think this product is, which I stand by as you’ll understand if you’ve bought anything from Glossier before. However, I do really like this. I got the shade brown and it is a perfect match for me. I also really like the brush as it grabs all the little hairs and it does fill out your brows. There was a time when I would just use this on my brows and nothing else. Now that it’s running low I find I do have to fill in my brows and I can just about get away with this just as an overcoat/to lock them in place. I would recommend it, I’d say definitely give it a try if you haven’t already but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this yet as I’d like to try something else.

Lash Slick (Black) £14

This is the one product that I don’t think had been out that long before I placed my order and that I kind of got without thinking. Now if you know me, you’ll know I love full, fluffy lashes and I wear false eyelashes daily. While Lash Slick does add length, I don’t think it’s the right mascara for me as I don’t think it holds a curl that well. It does last though and doesn’t flake or smudge. At the moment I’m using it mainly on my bottom lashes because of this. If you like a light, lengthening mascara that looks really natural, you’d love this.

Cloud Paint Duo (Puff & Dusk) £25

I was expecting a lot from these products. The Cloud Paints are the products that I’d probably seen and heard about the most. I loved Susie’s video that she did using these. I chose Puff as I normally like a light, pink blush, it would be the colour I would go for in powder form. I also chose Dusk because of Susie’s video. I loved how she put these around her temples and cheeks as a bronzer. I don’t really think these lived up to how I thought they would, I’m not sure whether they’re just not suited to me personally though. I find they don’t blend that easily into my foundation (and I cannot go without foundation) and sometimes I think they just disappear altogether. I think if you wear really light make up (which I definitely don’t) then these would be perfect for you! I’m hopeing I use these a lot more come Summer.

Haloscope (Moonstone) £18

This is definitely something I don’t think I could live without now, it’s definitely my favourite product out of everything I purchased. I ordered the shade Moonstone which is such a lovely opalescent glaze. It goes so well with my skin tone whilst looking natural. I find I have to be careful using this over make up as sometimes it can look a bit cakey over foundation. I love how dewy and healthy it makes me look and I’d definitely recommend getting one of the highlighters if you were only going to get one thing from Glossier! I’d love to try out the other colours they have too.

Balm Dot Com (Birthday Cake) £10

The cheapest thing I’ve ordered from Glossier, the one product I knew wouldn’t disappoint me and one of my favourites. I keep this around my desk as I’m so scared of losing it if I leave the house with it! I got the Birthday Cake scent (which smells warm and like vanilla) as I just loved the sound of it, they’ve also released a new Mango scent which sounds amazing. The Birthday Cake Balm is untinted and gives a subtle shimmer to your lips, my lips never feel dehydrated if I use this and one tube lasts for a really long time. Another one that I’d highly recommend getting your hands on.

I didn’t realise I had quite so much to say about Glossier products but if you haven’t purchased anything from them yet, then I hope this helps. I’m interested in their new Play range however I don’t think anything has caught my eye enough to make an order. I would like to try some of their skincare though, especially Solution and Super Bounce!

Have you got anything from Glossier? What’s your favourite product?