Five Changes We Want To Make To Our Flat


Writing this now, it’s been just under five months since we moved here. Which is crazy to think about as it seems only yesterday that we were dealing with the stress of moving! We are still just as in love with our little flat as the day we moved in and a lot has changed since then.

We’ve managed to sell a lot of our old furniture, go back and forth to ikea, buy all the other furniture we needed (both secondhand and new), and also paint the flat from top to bottom. There’s still suff that we need to sort out, like buying lampshades and figuring out where we’d put a microwave if we were to get one. With the big stuff being done, it’s just the other little bits we need to sort out now.

01. As I’ve said, now the “big” jobs are done (painting!) I really want to focus on the decorative side of things. This is something that isn’t quick to do as I don’t just want to go out and buy a million pillows, throws, plants and prints just to decide I don’t like them in a month. There will always be stuff that I move from room to room and rearrange and change however I want to spend money on pieces that will last us and not just throwaway “trend” bits that I like now but will hate in a months time. I want to properly think about things like colour schemes and how items fit together and not just buy items because I like the way they look in the shop.

02. One of the biggest changes that I want to make is in our bedroom. It’s very white in there, with our bedding, walls and bedside tables all being white and our bed frame being black. I would love to hang some prints above the bed, however I don’t know what kind of prints or what frame colour to go for! It might seem like a minor decision but it could really change the room. I want something warm and inviting and not monochrome so I’ll have to do some more searching on Pinterest I think.

03. Something that I need to get over is the “fear” of putting stuff up on the walls. For some reason I have mainly avoided this up until now as I feel bad for damaging the walls. Yes we’re in a rented flat but it’s only something a bit of polyfiller would be able to fix. Plus I’ve done enough work to this flat myself so it’s definitely something I know I can do. Command strips can only do so much and I’d rather attach things like prints and mirrors on the walls knowing they’re not going to fall off and potentially create more damage on their way down.


04. We have a fairly small lounge (mainly because it’s open plan with our kitchen) however it is very cosy and gets a lot of light. It is truly the perfect place to cosy up watching Netflix, however, I would like to get some kind of coffee table or footstool. We can get a footstool which matches our sofa but I don’t know whether a coffee table would be better suited for us, as it’s generally smaller than a footstool and might be more useful?! I think it might just be the case of finding the “right” one.

05. Something else that needs to change is my desk. Not the actual desk itself (it’s this one from West Elm and I still love it nearly 8 months on!) but it’s the closest space to our front door so as soon as we walk in, everything tends to get dumped on here. I’ve never been one of those people to tidy everything away as soon as they get in the door, I’m more of a dump everything down on the nearest space, thrown my clothes on the floor and sit on the sofa type person, promising that I’ll tidy up later. I do tidy up later, however I’ve found that I use my desk less now because it’s normally filled with so much crap such as letters, receipts, odd bits of shopping that need to be put away and even clothes that have come off the airer. This doesn’t create the most inspiring work space so I need to make more of an effort to keep this space tidy.

I think that mainly our flat just looks a bit empty, it’s fine having minimal taste but our space just looks a bit sad and doesn’t have much personality or represent us well as a couple living here. I want to eject more life into our flat so it’s a space we enjoy spending time in. If you have any decorating tips then please send them my way!


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