Why I’m Giving Myself A Break From Blogging

Madison Williams Why I'm giving Myself a Blogging Break
Madison Williams Why I'm Giving Myself A Blogging Break

Now, I could literally make this post really short - because the short of it is I don't feel like I have any time to give my blog the attention it deserves and I'm struggling with my creativity at the moment in terms of photography and content.

Now there's always going to be eternal guilt as blogging is something I really enjoy doing, it's my space of the internet that is entirely mine, where I can share whatever I want but we're already on the 13th of this month and the only post I've shared so far is my "April Goals".. which was posted on the 1st. I've then gone into this loop of knowing I should post and having ideas, typing them up, getting no where, not having any photos, watching the days pass by and still continuing the thinking that I desperately need to post but just not getting anywhere.

Now I'm not a big blogger, I've still surprised anyone reads what I have to say and I could have just taken this month off without any explanation and no one would have really been any the wiser but it's not that I'm just taking this time away from my blog. It's the fact that I want to come back, refreshed and with ideas, new posts, I want to be more active and also have a more consistent schedule.

I'm going to try and figure out where I want to take my blog, what posts I enjoy the most and what I want to continue posting in the future. I'm also going to try and find more of a groove with my photography. Lately I've been feeling so uninspired with the photos that I'm posting, as even though they're doing well and my engagement is good. I constantly feel like all my photos just look the same.

I think we're all constantly changing and finding new inspirations from new places and even people and I really want to tap into that. I want to figure out who (or what) inspires me most and use this inspiration to start creating content that I enjoy again and go forward from there.

I'm hoping that during this time away, I'll find my motivation and maybe even re-inspire myself. Perhaps even get some posts ready in advance. I'll continue to post on insta and be active on various social media (because honestly I don't want to lose my whole following) but otherwise, it'll probably be quite quiet on the the blog for a few weeks.

I would like to think that I'll achieve something during this time off, but you know what, even if I don't achieve anything, sometimes having a break is good. It's definitely needed and it'll take some of the pressure off this endless cycle that I'm in.

I'll be doing all the obvious things, such as reading magazines, books, old posts of my own, other blog posts, browsing pinterest and going on walks but if anyone has any tips or tricks for finding inspiration again, or ways they find help them to stay motivated then please feel free to share. 

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