My First Impressions of Pixi


I recently won a little Pixi giveaway on twitter, held by the lovely Amber from Her Little Loves (definitely check out her blog and social media, one of my favourite accounts to follow!) and I never win anything so you can see just how chuffed I was. I have never tried anything from Pixi before, although I have always wanted to. Their Glow Tonic is raved about so much (and has got to be the next thing I try out!).

I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to do a first impression of the brand and these Shea Butter Lip Balms. I have “Ripe Raspberry”, “Pixi Pink” and also “Sweet Peach”. They are all meant to be deeply moisturising tinted lip balms. I love the fact that I have three which are different in shades to try out, as it really gives me some options. I am one of those people that always has lip balms dotted about everywhere. I have one at work, on my desk, on my bedside table, in my bag, in my boyfriends car. Trust me the list really is endless.

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When this package arrived I immediately opened them all up as it was pretty exciting (I never win anything remember!) and my first thoughts were just how amazing they smelled?! This might sound really weird but especially, “Ripe Raspberry”, it literally smells so lovely, not at all artificial or weird. I don’t think that this actually scents your lips, the smell doesn’t linger at all but I love using beauty products that have some thought put into them and I think this was a lovely little touch which makes them stand out a bit. I can understand that some people might not like this, but I liked it and thought it made them a tiny bit “special”.

As these are tinted lip balms, they do add some colour onto your lips when you use them. The colours are quite accurate to the lids of the products. The brightest colour is Ripe Raspberry, it comes out more muted than the lid suggests as it’s a tinted lip balm and not a lipstick but you’d be surprised at just how pigmented these are. It is still quite a hot pink shade. Pixi Pink is also really lovely, still quite bright but much more wearable for me personally. I’m not really a lipstick person as I just don’t think they suit me (and are messy, I always somehow get lipstick on my chin), I mainly just wear nude colours but having a nice soft pink could make a lovely change for me. I also have a wedding coming up so this could make a lovely alternative for lipstick on the day.

Sweet Peach is the last shade that I have, this looks like a nude from the impression on the lid and it’s definitely quite sheer but it’s got some reddy/brown tones as well. This one should be my favourite as I love nude colours however I think I like Pixi Pink the best out of these three choices. 

I have really enjoyed using these Pixi products, my first impressions have been good however I’d like to continue using these products as right now I just don’t know whether I love them or not. I think they would make a lovely gift for someone if you know they love lip balms (like I do) and I think they’re really lovely with how bright they are. I think I personally like something that is a tiny bit more sheer and easy to wear but I’m going to experiment with these and see how I get on. 

What do you think of these products? Have you tried anything from Pixi before?  Let me know if there’s anything I need to try from this brand, I think the Pixi Glow Tonic is next on my list! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too! 


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