4 Beauty Resolutions For The Year Ahead


I wrote a whole long blog post on all my goals for January saying I wasn’t going to be doing “New Years Resolutions” and yet here we are, a resolutions post. Although, this could be classed as cheating slightly as these resolutions aren’t the normal health and fitness related ones that I’ll never stick to, these ones are beauty resolutions that I will hopefully achieve over the next 12 months. Some could argue that it’s already the 29th of January and this post is a little late isn’t it.. but making the resolutions at some point in the new year still counts, right?


01. I want to grow my hair, find a style that suits me and stick to it. This might seem like a really lame resolution but remember these are meant to revolve around beauty. I used to have quite long hair, looking back I though it was short and I was never happy with it but in photos I’m quite shocked at just how long it actually was. There was tons of layers in it and it always used to get knotty, so I cut it quite short (between shoulder and chin length) and although I liked wearing it straighter that way and it had loads of volume, I never felt like it really suited me and it would look odd in photos. So I decided to grow it out again. It’s laughable I know and something that will probably definitely happen again in the future but for now, I want to have dreamy long hair, with no layers (unless I decide to cut some in). Think pinterest worthy flowy hair but with a fringe – very Kristin Ess. To achieve this, I’m going to try to reduce the amount of heat I use (less blowdrying more air drying) and use hair masks and oils to keep it healthy so it grows. 

02. I really want (NEED) to use up beauty products. Both my boyfriend and I are guilty of this as there are SO many half used bottles of shower gel sitting in the bathroom, half used perfume bottles, half used bottles of cleanser, half used moisturisers.. okay maybe it’s mainly me but the shower gel thing is mainly him. There’s no point in half using something and then moving on but with being sent products and buying them myself AND being impatient, things often get pushed aside and forgotten about. I need to be more conscious of the products I’m using, give things away if I know I’m not going to use them, shop less and shop my stash more.


03. Everyone knows how important staying hydrated and drinking water is however it seems to be one of the most difficult things in life. I am guilty of not drinking nearly enough water and seem to have fallen into a trap of drinking fizzy drinks most evening, which is really bad I know and a habit that I want to get out of. I think one of the main reasons I struggle drinking water at this time of year is because it’s so cold. However I’m determined to get better, I just need to make sure I carry a water bottle with me, get a glass of water when I wake up and with dinner and choose better drinking choices, such as juice instead of fizzy drinks etc.

04. I’ve always been fairly good at looking after my skin, I think I could perhaps use more/better skincare products but there’s a lack of education there (and money) as I find skincare a complete minefield and it always seems like the more expensive the product the better. But this year I would like to take better care of my skin in general and also make sure I “treat” it. I could be better at wearing SPF daily, use facial oils more and I think I could also do more face masks, or at home facials. Perhaps a hydrating face mask once a week for instance and making sure I have a moisturiser with SPF in. Just achieving little steps helps in the long run.

There we are, four small beauty resolutions for the next 12 months.. sounds easy enough so lets hope I actually stick to these, my skin needs it! What are some of your beauty resolutions? I love being nosy.

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