My Go To Highlight Products For That Flawless Glow

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I absolutely love highlighter. Which is surprising as it's only this year that I really started wearing it. I think it's something that can add so much to a look but you have to be careful with how you apply it as too much and you end up looking like a disco ball. I really feel like it's completed a step in my make up routine that I was missing before and I love that it makes me look so healthy and well, glowy. Even when I'm not feeling either of those things! I probably put on way too much highlight (disco ball) but I just love how it can transform any look and add glamour.

I have a few products that I find myself reaching for again and again when it comes to highlighter. You honestly don't need to own loads of different products, just a few options that you can choose between is perfect. I think this is the same for all make up products - less is often best.

The first highlighter I got (I think) was from Topshop, it comes in the cutest packaging and adds a lovely glow that you can use to add a subtle highlight to your cheekbones. I used to reach for this one all the time however I don't tend to use it as much anyone. It's got gold flecks which can look lovely on the right skintone and really warm up your face but with some make up looks I think it can look a tiny bit odd.

Topshop highlighters are lovely and affordable and a great option for someone looking to experiment with highlighter or build up their make up collection.

Another option is liquid highlighters. I have a great little liquid highlighter from the brand Me Me Me that I got from one of my Glossybox's so I've had this product a while. These can add glow where you want it or they are also great for mixing with foundation and getting an overall dewy finish. I don't tend to wear liquid highlighter as much as I powder my face a lot however these are great for the summer or someone who likes more of a dewy finish.

You can also pat these in with a beauty blender and layer powder highlight over the top. This works really well if you need your make up to last all day but can get quite heavy so make sure you have a light hand!

My final two products and absolute favourites are highlight palettes. In my opinion, these are the best value for money (as you're getting at least four different highlighters per palette) and it also gives you SO many options. You can use the different powders on a different day of the week, depending on what look you're going for or you can even mix them, something which I tend to do a lot as it gives you more of a custom highlight. 

One of my favourite highlight palettes is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, you can get so many different types of these. They're slightly higher in price (as they are technically high end) but they are so worth the money and you know that you're getting a good quality product. 

I also reach for my Sleek highlight palette almost every day, it's much cheaper then the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette (£10 instead of around £40) but it is still amazing quality and it's much smaller and easier to travel with. The packaging is also gorgeous and it seems quite strong to me which means if you drop it it won't smash into a thousand pieces (something that's happened to me way too often with other brands!). The only thing that I don't like about this palette is that it includes a cream highlighter, I personally don't use this however I think this would be the perfect product for someone looking to experiment with highlighters as it gives you so many options and it's really affordable. 

The only tip that I'd like to share is that you should get yourself some sort of setting spray. This can be so useful as it sets your make up making sure that the powder highlighter you've put on doesn't move around your face. You can also put it on first to help achieve a more intense highlight - It's fun to experiment with different ways of putting on make up and this way you'll find out what works for you and what doesn't.  

What's your favourite highlighter? Have you tried any of these brands before?


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