My Haircare Hero

Today I wanted to introduce you to something which has completely changed my life, and if that sounds dramatic then so be it.

I’m one of those people that never really bothers with hair, I used to have quite long hair but I cut it all off into a short bob, and I loved it however I found that it would grow really quick to a certain length and then just stay there.. which I wasn’t so into. So I had two choices, either keep going back to the salon to get it cut every six weeks (sometimes sooner) OR grow it again. I decided that while I loved the bob, the upkeep of haircuts was too much and I liked having long hair. This means that I actually need to take care of it so it’ll grow and be in a good condition. When I had long hair, I would always get it thinned out and layered, however at the moment it’s basically all the same length, which I want to continue to see how it grows and then perhaps add layers etc in once it’s longer. I’m really enjoying having thicker hair at the moment.

To keep my hair in good condition, I’ve been paying attention to what shampoo and conditioner I use instead of just throwing anything on it. I usually shampoo twice and need a really good clarifying shampoo as I use a lot of dry shampoo, hairspray and various styling products so to keep build up at bay, I make sure I wash it every two days (or whereabouts, sometimes I’m lazy..).

I’ve never been one to deep condition my hair, I have fine hair (but lots of it) so I was always under the impression that using heavy conditioners would weigh it down but I have been so wrong. I’ve been missing such an important step in my haircare routine. I first picked up this Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask in Boots when it was on offer. It was good value because of the offer and I’ve heard of his products before, so I thought why not, if I don’t like it then I can always give it to my sister or mum.

I CANNOT believe that I thought that I wouldn’t like this. First of all, it is the best thing that I have ever smelt in my life. It has the sweetest scent, everyone knows that scents are hard to describe but I love this and it actually lingers on the hair as I can smell it for hours after, even my boyfriend comments on it. Second of all, it does such a good job of deep conditioning my hair and getting rid of any dryness or knots that I might have had. I tend to leave this in for as long as possible (especially if I’m in the bath) as I like to let it work it’s magic and I’m always so pleased with how my hair looks and feels after.

I can’t comment on whether it has actually made a difference to the length of my hair, I don’t think I’ve been using this long enough to notice but it is keeping it in a good condition so it CAN grow. I’ve got a few weddings next year and I always like to wear my hair down and curly so the longer it can grow for that, the better.

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products before? I’m currently growing my collection and have picked up some of his styling products which I can do a post on if anyone is interested. Let me know what you thought of this post and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin.


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