A Massive Boots Haul/First Impressions

It’s was one of those really awkward times recently that I hate when all my make up runs out at once! And as much as I love buying new make up, I try to use up as much of each of the products as possible – there’s no fun in having to put eyeliner on the back of your hand first as the tip has dried out. So with this in mind I decided to pick up some bits which I desperately needed. I first did some research and decided to go for some higher end make up, this means that I had to spend some more money but the products would be better quality and last longer (hopefully) and really, I just wanted to treat myself (no crime in that!).

One of the main things that I needed was a new bronzer as I wear this every day, I love that glowy radiant look so this is a must and after hearing such good things about Benefit’s Hoola Lite, I decided to give this a go. I’ve had a few things from benefit before (their Better Than Sex mascara is amazing) however this would be the first bronzer I would be trying. The product comes in a little cardboard box which is small but actually quite a good size, you get more than you expect with this. The packaging is nice and comes with a brush which is really soft but I doubt I’ll get much use out of. I’ve used this quite a few times now and I actually really like it, the colour is perfect for someone with pale skin as it adds a really nice glow and warms up the skin without making you look muddy like many bronzers can. I can’t imagine getting bored of using this, so I think I’ll definitely repurchase this in the future and it’s made me want to try out more of their bronzers and blushes.

The next things I bought were from Rimmel’s “Insta” range. This range did the rounds on social media a few weeks ago and I remember everyone being really positive about it. I decided to pick up the “Fix & Matt” powder and the “Fix & Go” setting spray. Both of these I really like. The powder is really good at mattifying make up without making it look too fake, it still leaves it looking like skin which I really like. I have tried baking with this (using a beauty sponge to cake some of the powder under my eyes and across some of my face before brushing away) and it does work well, it gives you a tiny bit of a white looking cast however when I swipe this away I tend to use a big fluffy brush which has been dipped in a slightly darker powder and this seems to get rid of that white cast, making sure I don’t look too pale! The only issue with baking with this powder is that I’ve used this a few things (really not many) and I’ve already hit pan. I “bake” my make up as it tends to last longer however this powder might not be suitable for this. The setting spray is also really nice and I think works well at making my make up last longer. This is quite a multi purpose spray as you can also use it before make up as a primer which I find really handy. I do tend to forget to use this after applying make up as it’s a new concept to me but I’m sure with more uses, it’ll become a staple in my make up routine.

Another item which I absolutely needed to get was a new eyeliner. I wear eyeliner every. single. day. (pretty much) so this was essential for me. After reading some amazing reviews about NYX’s Epic Ink Liner, I decided to invest in it. This seemed quite expensive to me, as it was £9 and the most I’ve ever spent on eyeliner before is probably around £5-£6. But like I said, if the quality was good then it’ll be worth it. Now, I’ve always thought that I was quite good at applying eyeliner. I’ve been doing it pretty much since I’ve been wearing make up (around 14/15 years old) so I’ve had a good few years of practice but I was SO wrong. When it comes to this eyeliner, you really have to learn again. It is the blackest eyeliner that I’ve ever used. That combined with it basically being a felt tip, means that you have to be so precise otherwise all your mistakes will show up. The tip is amazing, it’s quite thin but if you apply the right amount of pressure you can also get quite a thick line with it. The first few things I used this, I was terrible at doing my normal winged liner but practice really does make perfect and after getting used to the product, I think I’ve managed to get much better at applying eyeliner again. Also, putting mascara (or fake eyelashes) on really does hide everything in those early stages of being crap at eyeliner!

The next few things I got were from Bourjois. I noticed that on boots.com they were giving away a free gift worth £12 if you spent a certain amount and seen as I already had a bourjois item in my basket, I decided to treat myself to another item to make use of the offer. I decided to get two of the Little Round Pot Blushers as blush is something that I’ve been trying to wear a lot more. They come in such a lovely range of colours that I just couldn’t resist. I decided to pick up two, which are actually quite similar in colour. I picked up number 16 “Rose Coup De Foudre”, a lovely rosy colour with golden flakes in it which will be perfect for using in a hurry if you don’t have time to highlight and 74 “Rose Ambré”, a tiny bit deeper in colour, but still just as lovely. This one is much more matt looking. I’ve had quite a lot of fun experimenting with these and adding some more colour to my face, hopefully making me look healthier and not like a clown. They might seem a bit small at first but they’re actually the perfect size to swirl a fluffy brush in and they also smell really nice! Something which I wasn’t expecting at first but is actually quite nice when applying. I also received the free gift which contained, a Brow pencil and Highlight, a Mascara and a Rouge Edition Velvet lip product in 07 “Nude-ist”. I think the free gift was worth it for the lipstick alone, this is a lovely light berry colour which you can either apply fully and get a really nice matt lipstick or lightly like I tend to do, to add a bit of colour. I’ve tried pretty much everything from the free gift and it’s okay as far as free things go, the brow pencil is the wrong colour for me but the formula of the product is nice and would be really good for traveling. The highlight on the other end can be quite powdery but you just need to be careful with how much you apply. I’ve tried the mascara a few things and it’s nice, good even however I’m used to wearing quite a lot of mascara and this just doesn’t do it for me. I can’t seem to get enough product on the lashes. However I might experience with this more as apparently it is build able. It’s got a really handy mirror on the mascara packaging which I like as this would be good for throwing in my make up bag and taking out with me for touch ups.

And there we have it, my massive boots haul! Congratulations if you got to the end of this post, I didn’t realise just how long it would be! Have you tried any of the above products before? What are your thoughts?


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