Some of my Favourite False Eyelashes + Where I Buy Them

I thought I’d do a quick post on some of my favourite false eyelashes as I get complimented on them quite a lot and a lot of people ask if they’re real! I used to be really into wearing thick, heavy and very unnatural looking lashes just because I didn’t know any different. I used to wear the Eylure ones however after my recent eBay post, it’s the only place I get them more now as it’s cheaper and I think they’re just as high quality.

I’ve recently started wearing a really fanned-out, natural but lengthening looking lash which is so good for everyday use, it just adds that tiny bit of glamour and really opens up the eye area. I’ve always been told that I have huge eyes so these lashes really play up to that. One thing that I will say is that you have to be careful with which ones that you get from eBay as some are really really long and even though you can trim lashes down, Ive never really been one for this. I buy from sellers who include good quality images so really pay attention to these so you don’t end up with eyelashes that are six foot long! I’ve included some that I’ve worn below

Five Pairs False Lashes – Demi Wispies 
Vivi’s Collection Fashion Lashes  (Lots of options but can be a bit long depending on which ones you get)
5 Pairs Natural Eyelashes – These are my personal favourites

I reuse lashes probably for way to long, but I do like to take care of them so they last. I think something that is really important is having a really good quality glue and the Duo one is honestly one of the best out there. If you ask anyone (who wears lashes lol) this is what they’ll use because it just works so well. It’s doesn’t really smell (although some people will say that it does, maybe I’m just used to it), dries quickly and is so easy to remove. You can also get it in two different colours, either white (which will dry clear) or black. I get mine from and they always have super quick delivery. I also think that you get loads for the price, it’ll honestly last you such a long time.

Have you bought any beauty items from eBay before? Let me know what you think and where you buy your eyelashes from!
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