Sleek Make-up | A mini Haul

Luminous Pressed Powder – 01
Eyebrow Stylist – Light
Blush in Rose Gold

I have been a fan of Sleek make-up since about 2010 when I made it my mission to collect every single eyeshadow palette that they brought out. They make some really high quality affordable products and I think often they are overlooked as a brand. They seem like the perfect type of make-up brand for teen girls. The issue that I had was that they are only sold in Superdrug (or online) and there was no Superdrugs near me.. until recently (you can imagine my delight).

As I am trying to stay away from well known drugstore brands that test on animals (think Rimmel or Maybelline) and explore other brands of make-up that are cruelty-free or vegan (which Sleek are), I decided to pick up some products of theirs which I am currently running out of instead of going crazy and buying everything.

I picked up three of their products, one of them did the blogging rounds years ago which everyone had to get their hands on, the Blush in Rose gold. I have a love/hate relationship with blush as I just don’t seem to apply it very well however I love the idea and look of it on other people. In the packaging this blush looks very red, which can be a bit off-putting to some however it goes on quite lightly with buildable colour if you desire. The nice thing about it is that it has gold flakes (hence the name) which make you look very glowy. I think that this is the type of colour to suit a lot of different skin tones.

I also picked up a “luminous” pressed powder which looks incredible glittery to me in person however it seems to have photographed quite well as you can’t see the glitter. I thought that I had actually picked up a highlighter or had gotten the idea wrong but after looking on their website, this is aimed at being used all over your face. It even suggests that you can buy a shade lighter as a highlighter or darker as a bronzer which I actually think is a good idea. I haven’t actually used this yet so I’m not sure just how glittery it is on the skin. I think perhaps what I might experiment with is using a normal powder all over my face and just putting this over certain places, almost like a highlighter (but I fully intend to use highlighter as well).

The last thing that I picked up is their Eyebrow Stylist which looks exactly like the same concept as ABH’s Brow Wiz just with more simple packaging. I really want to change the way I do my eyebrows as I’ve been doing them the same way for years. I have tried this out, however I picked up the wrong colour which is wayyyy too light for me (but probably a good colour for blondes). I didn’t actually realise there was only three colour options available otherwise I definitely would have gone for a darker colour. I do like the consistency of this, it’s sort of waxy, not like a pencil or a powder. I might pick another one of these up but in a better colour for me to try out properly.

What do you think of Sleek Make-up? What make-up have you been buying lately?


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