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I’ve wanted to do a little Asos Edit featuring beauty for a while now, I don’t think people realise that you can buy beauty products on Asos! They offer so much and some really good brands which can be quite hard to get your hands on normally. I’ve only selected a few different brands which I would like to try, some I’ve heard of, some I haven’t. 

Asos beauty really is a hidden gem. I especially like the photography which they have used for this section of their website as the images are not only really creative, but also show a lot of detail. They even take photos of swatches of the products which is so handy as you can see what it looks like on actual skin!

Much like my last post, I want to explore more cruelty free brands so all of these brands are such. 


Nars are one of those cult brands which I’m pretty sure most people would have heard of for good reason as they are a very high quality brand. They can seem quite pricey however I think that the price is justified for what you’re getting. Their Velvet Matte Skin Tint is meant to be one of those base products which gives you coverage but is glowy and natural looking and could be my next base product when I start running low on foundation. Another stand out product from them is their Eyeshadow Duos, these come in a range of colours and are meant to be used together as the colours compliment each other. 

Models Own

This is another brand which I’m sure many people will know about as everyone went a bit crazy over their nail polish years ago (and I’m sure they still do). They continued to add to their brand and now offer everything from foundation to lipstick. I quite like the look of their cosmetics as everything is branded nicely, the packaging is clean and simple AND they try to make all their cosmetics vegan where possible. Their Runway Foundation is oil free, contains SPF and comes in eleven different shades! I also like that they’ve included a white as this could be a good mixer however I also think they should have included a dark shade as well. Another one of their products that looks really interesting is their “k-Kushion” Blusher, which is basically a liquid blusher which comes in three shades and is buildable. I think this could be a great product to have coming into Spring/Summer when everyone wants to wear less make-up but still have a natural flush. 


Lottie or Lottie London is a seemingly new (to me) make-up brand which seem to offer come really interesting products at affordable prices. I’ve never really seen their stuff anywhere before however their branding looks really cool, very creative and reminds me a little of Topshop beauty but more fun? Anyway, they have some really stand out products, like their Pore Eraser Stick, which is basically a primer and comes in a easy twist stick. I also really like the look of their “get the look palette” in “selfie” which contains both eyeshadows AND blushers in both mattes and shimmers. This palette looks like it contains some really lovely colours which could work on many skin tones to give you that glowy look. I’m looking forward to trying their products in the future. 

Winky Lux 

Another brand which is new to me however after doing a bit of research it looks like their products are mainly sold in America. The first thing that strikes me is their name as it is very unusual but also memorable. On their own website they state that they are made from the highest quality ingredients possible and are also cruelty free, paragon free, phthalate free, non-toxic and heavily pigmented so well done Asos for stocking such a brand! The two products from them which I think look Really good are the Flower PH Balm  (which has a real chrysanthemum inside and reacts to skins PH levels and creates a perfect shade just for you) and their Diamond Powder , which could either be a foundation on its own (buildable) or a powder which you use lightly over foundation. This apparently illuminates the skin which is basically everything that I want in a powder. 

And thats my edit! Now obviously there is tons more products on Asos then just this but these are the brands that I am most interesting in purchasing. They also do higher end make-up and also skincare so I am might do another one of these edits in the future.

Let me know what you think, have you purchased beauty from Asos before?  


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