A £4 eyeshadow palette that is ACTUALLY good..

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette -Matte
Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette -Iconic 

I was having a little browse in Superdrug the other day (again I know, oops) and I spotted these, I have heard of Makeup Revolution before, however I didn’t know that they were SO cheap. Both these palettes were only £4 each! Because they were so cheap I couldn’t resist getting two, one which is made up of mainly matte shades and another which has similar colours but slightly more glitter. I don’t tend to have too many matte eyeshadows so I thought that this would be a good purchase and I got the glittery one just because I had to.

Now because they were so cheap, I wasn’t expecting much from them however they did surprise me with how good they were. They are quite pigmented and they do tend to last for a long time, obviously using an eyeshadow primer will help. I’ve actually had more expensive eyeshadows which haven’t lasted as long as these.

If you’re looking to expand your eyeshadow collection, buying for someone younger or as a gift then I would recommend these as they’re cheap, cheerful and are really nice to use and experiment with. There was actually quite a range of colours, mattes and shimmers to choose from as well so there’s something to suit everyone.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution before? What did you think?


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