Topshop Make-up

So because it was my birthday recently, Topshop sent me a voucher for 20% off which was very nice of them. As I don’t really need any new clothes (and because nothing much was interesting me) I decided to instead treat myself to a new bag and pick up some of their make-up as well. I think that Topshop make-up is a little bit overlooked by most people but it is actually really good quality and not that expensive. I really like the packaging as well, the illustration is playful and overall their style is unusual, eye catching and sets them apart from many other brands.

Highlighter – Crescent Moon

Lips – Mind Your Manners 

Matte Lip – Duvet Day 

Matte Lip – Motel 

Lips – Boardroom 

I picked up a few different products, mainly their lip products as these are meant to be really good and lipstick is never something that I tend to buy. I picked up two lipsticks and also two matte lip bullets. These are actually my favourite as they are really high quality and incredibly pigmented. They are matte without being drying and I love the two colours which I picked out. “Duvet Day” is a really good nude colour which seems to suit my skin tone and “Motel” is a lovely pinky red colour, it’s not too dark or too light/bright but adds a nice even colour to the lips. Basically something which you could just put on day to day. Both of these seem to last well throughout the day.

The lipsticks that I picked up are also good quality and last well, no smudging or ending up down my chin. I particularly like “Mind Your Manners’ as it’s a nice pink shade which you can wear alone for a bit of colour. This looks good with quite simple face/eye make-up. I do think that “boardroom” is just slightly too dark for me but it is a really nice brown/purple colour which is so unusual and I’m sure a lot of people could pull off. Maybe I’ll save that one for a day where I’m feeling quite brave. You might be able to see that I don’t like reds or bright colours on my lips as these don’t tend to suit me, I prefer to wear something a bit more natural as this just suits me more and I find is low maintenance. Topshop do have a board range of colours in their lipsticks so you could find something to suit anyone. 

I also thought that I’d pick up a highlighter and give their cream blush a go as I remember these did the rounds on blogs many years ago, everyone went a bit crazy for them in 2013 I think. The ones that I picked out seem to work so nicely together. I went for quite a natural colour with the blush, I don’t tend to wear it too much and this is a lovely colour which blends well into the skin. If you look closely it has little bits of glitter in it which reflect the light, this gives an added glow. I’ve never tried a cream blush before but I think that I quite like them now after using this one. 

The highlighter is really well pigmented so you need to have a light hand with this. I mainly put this on my cheekbones, I don’t always put it on my brow bone and all over my face as who has the time? I use a fluffy brush for this and just give a light sweep which gives me all the added glow that I need. This highlighter isn’t too glittery which I like as some can just be too much. 

I am really happy with the bits that I have picked up from Topshop and will definitely be making more of an effort to look at their make-up in the future. These have been a good addition to my make-up bag and I have been enjoying using these products the last few weeks. 


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