Vlogmas | Three Favourites to Watch

It’s that time of year again when all the best youtubers dust off their cameras and begin to vlog themselves every day! For some reason watching other people do festive things just puts me in such a good, festive mood so I thought I’d do a little post about my three favourite youtubers to watch during this month.

If you don’t know what Vlogmas is (where have you been?) It’s basically where people vlog themselves for 24 days in the lead up to christmas.


Who doesn’t know this name when it comes to youtube? Perhaps one of the most famous youtubers out there, her content is so bubbly and festive that it just instantly puts you in a good mood. One of the good things about her videos is that she films SO MUCH. This normally means that she puts up vlogs that tend to last about half an hour. This is amazing if you want something long to watch, it’s almost like a mini series of her life. It’s worth mentioning that she is also doing “24 days of Zoella” on her main channel as well. This best be so much work for her but she just seems to come alive come christmas time and takes this so seriously. Her intros are something to look out for, these are created for her and are unlike any other youtubers. 

Kate La Vie 

This one is fairly new to me as although I have been watching the likes of Zoella for years, it’s only this year and last year that I’ve got really into Kate’s videos. I love when she Vlogs generally as she seems like such a funny, happy person so this and christmas combined is a dream come true. As well as her youtube channel she also has a blog and is the flat lay queen. She’s the best person to go to for pinterest style inspiration on anything basically. She’s also got a cat and a gorgeous house, what more could you want? 


Jess is a student who lives in Edinburgh and studies English. Her vlogs have got a slightly different dynamic to the others mentioned but I love her style and how cool she is. I watched her vlogtober videos as well as her other vlogs and she comes across as such a genuine and hard working person,  I found this so inspiring when I was studying (before I decided to drop out). Her daily outfits are something to look out for. 

Who are your favourite youtubers to watch?


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