Stocking Filler Ideas

Selfie Stick 
Gillette Mach 3 Gift Set
Mr Burns Small Make-up Bag
Dog Mug 

Hopefully by now you would have got mainly all your stocking fillers however just in case you haven’t, I thought that this post would be good for inspiration for those leaving it all a bit late this year! Stocking fillers are meant to be small, cute, useful or stupid gifts and I have put together some items which I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking, which you can see above. I always try to get gifts with the person in mind and not just put any old thing in there which makes them fun to do but quite hard sometimes. I also try to make sure that everyone gets something different. Chocolate is obviously a staple.

The selfie stick and camera are those sort of presents which you wouldn’t buy yourself but are nice to receive and fun to play around with. The other things like candles, chocolate and make-up are all worth unwrapping on the day as well. My sister is obsessed with the Simpsons so I got her the make-up bag which you can see above, this is from Skinny Dip and seems like it is made from such good quality material. It’s the perfect small size for her and I know that her boyfriend have gotten her a new handbag for Christmas so these go together well.

I have been put in charge of doing ALL the stockings this year which also includes my own, this means that I have gone a bit spendy happy and gotten everyone so much stuff. I also said to everyone that you’ll be able to know which stocking is mine as it’s gonna be the biggest!

I’d love to see any present/stocking suggestions in the comments below.


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