Christmas Gifts – Friends

Another gift guide post! This time I wanted the focus to be on friends. These are small, thoughtful presents that are perfect for your loved ones, however this could also be inspiration for girlfriends, sisters etc. 

I’ve included some gifts which may seem quite obvious but it’s generally those types of gifts that people appreciate the most! Things like perfume and candles, you really can’t go wrong with these and they come in a variety of prices, designs, scents etc. This is quite a thoughtful gift as it’s all about relaxing and unwinding. Boots do some nice gift sets like this one, these also make good stocking fillers. 

Bloom & Wild 
Soap and Glory Gift Set
Garnier BB Micellar Gift Set 
Micellar Cleansing Water 
Bee Good Facial Exfoliator 

Another thing which I think would make such a lovely present is flowers, but instead of just a one off, you can buy a subscription for three, six months or even a whole year! Bloom & Wild are the best people to go to for this, their flowers are to die for (and not just because they have a christmas bouquet that I share a name with). I think that this would be a lovely surprise and change from just the usual presents that you get as you continue to get this gift over the coming months. You can gift anything in a subscription box nowadays, from beauty to wine.

As well as this, any sort of pampering, beauty gift set works well. The Garner gift set above is one of my favourites as it’s something that they would actually use and is worth the money.

Everything is linked above like normal. Again, I’ve created this post with my friends in mind and thought about what would actually make good gifts instead of just throwing anything in. I find these posts types of posts are best for inspiration so I hope this helps.


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