Christmas Gifts – Boys

World Lager Selection 
L’oral Gift Set 
Cards Against Humanity 

I’ve left this gift guide fairly open as I think anyone would really like these gifts, be it your dad, friend, brother or boyfriend. I’ve found that that guys don’t really care as much about gifts as girls do so this means that you can pretty much get them anything you want. Thats also why i’ve made this gift guide quite small and simple, you could get them one of these things or all three.

The World Lager Selection I found in boots (which you might be able to tell as I’ve accidentally left the sicker on) and I thought that it is quite a unique but fun gift for anyone who’s into their lagers (or who enjoys getting pissed). I really liked the packaging as well, makes it look quite special and sets it apart from many other gifts.

Another gift which I think anyone would enjoy receiving (including me) is Cards Against Humanity. I have been dying to play this game for ages so I decided to get it for my sisters boyfriend, however it is quite a selfish gift because I know we’ll play it. He’s one of those people that says “don’t get me anything” but he’s been in the family now for three years and I know him better than some of my actual family so I wanted to get something unexpected but that I know he’ll like. This game seemed quite expensive to me (£25 for a pack of cards?) however the amount of cards you get is quite impressive and I’m looking forward to playing this at christmas. I think that games are such a good gift as it brings everyone together.


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