Christmas Craft | Handmade Gift Tags

Because Christmas is a time when a lot of us get a bit crafty, I thought I’d share a really simple and easy way to create homemade gift tags. These are so simple to make but add a really nice touch to a gift. This year I decided to wrap all my presents in brown paper and I think these gift tags go so well with the simple gift wrap. I do intend to do a post on wrapping presents, more of an inspiration post as wrapping gifts is such a big part of christmas its nice to put some effort in, so look out for this coming up. 

Making these couldn’t be more simple. All you mainly need is plain gift tags, any kind of green card, foam or fabric and something to act as berries. I used these glittery dome stickers but you could use anything really, I think buttons would work well. 

I don’t really need to give many instructions as you can just follow the images above. The red and white string goes well with these tags and really pulls the whole thing together. These definitely don’t have to be perfect, in fact they look better if they aren’t which makes them the ideal craft for anyone to do. They only take about 5 minutes as well, so quick and easy. 

What’s your favourite thing to make at christmas?


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