Little clothing/homeware update

Monks denim jacket 

Asos bag

Asos sunglasses 

UO rug 

UO floor cushion

I wanted to share a few things which I have picked up recently that I’ve been really enjoying using/wearing. The first few bits are some items of clothing, these are recent Asos purchases. I have quite an unhealthy obsession with Asos, however all the orders which I have been putting through recently have just been going back as although I fall in love with the item online, when it gets to me, its just not right.

However (thankfully) these I have kept. Anyone close to me will tell you that I have been on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket for a while now, they go so well with everything but I always love denim for this time of year when it gets slightly colder. I used to own a very light blue one (also from Asos) that I worn to death before getting another (from marketplace) which was very cool and very oversized. I also wore this for a bit before deciding that I wasn’t “cool” enough to wear it and in fact just looked like an utter twat.

The search eventually ended with this little discovery from monki, I was watching a try on haul on youtube which featured this jacket and I absolutely fell in love. I wanted a denim jacket which was a little be unusual and different to the tons out there and I think this fits the bill perfectly because of the black black which shows ever so slightly on the sides of the jacket. It is meant to be quite oversized so I got a small and it fits like a dream. The only downside is I have to be quite careful with what I wear with/underit as it attracts fluff like anything (something I discovered when I wore a scarf which is now definitely going back) however this is something which I can live with.

The very observant of you (well done) will also notice the bag which I have included, this is another new purchase (also from Asos) and is quite different for me as I ALWAYS like large bags (they make me look smaller and you can fit SO MUCH STUFF) and if I don’t take a bag with me, I use my jeans pockets for my phone/cards/lipstuff. I think that this bag is the perfect in-between for what I want. It’s big enough to fit all my essentials, I can wear it cross body and it looks really cute/goes with everything. I love the gold hoop detail, different texture AND it also has an inside pocket. This bag definitely has it all.

The third and final fashion purchase was the little black pair of sunglasses also (you guessed it) from Asos. I wanted to get some which were slightly cooler than my pair that actually help me to see, this style suits me quite well and they’ll go with everything. It has not stopped raining since I picked these up which is just typical.

As well as the clothing, in the first image, the background is a new little rug which I picked up from UO as well as the pink floor cushion. These have made the area where I get dressed/put make-up on look so much more cosy and are some good additions to my room, I also had a 20% discount code so HAD to treat myself, ya know?

What purchases have you made recently?


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