Behind the Scenes: Testing Smoke Bombs!

I am currently planning a series of images/shoots at uni which are portraiture following the theme of mental health. I want to create a fairytale vibe, the classic damsel in distress but instead of a dragon she is suffering from depression or anxiety etc

This is quite a personal topic which is very close to my heart and I want to create these series of images as a sort of awareness, as mental health is something which many people struggle with but I don’t feel is talked about enough. 

I am going to be doing the proper shoot sometime this week with my sister. One of the props I will be using for this shoot will be smoke bombs and having never let one off before I thought it would be a good idea to test before it comes to the actual shoot!

The location which we found for me to shoot in is beautiful, especially at this time of year when the trees are so many different colours! I got my dad to actually light the smoke bomb so I could document it, I got these off of amazon as they had quite high reviews from other photography students. I thought they would be quite hard to light but it wasn’t that difficult. The amount of smoke you get is really good, perfect for my shoots. It lasts for around 50-55 seconds as well which is a decent amount of time, after lighting this one I have 9 left which should definitely be enough!

What do you think of the images? Would you be interested in seeing the images from the shoot once it is completed?

Madi x 


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