14 Things You Can Do To Pamper Yourself At Home.

I’ve shared a lot of posts lately, all things you can do from the comfort of your own home and since Britain is now in lockdown, I think these posts have come at the right time! Today’s post is no different either.

I am a lover of a good “To Do” list and I also lovveee a good pamper so I’ve combined these two things together! I swear I must have been a beautician in another life as I just love everything pampering… if I could spend my life at a spa I would!

01. Dye Your Eyebrows

This is actually something that I’ve done today! I was meant to be having my brows professionally done in a few weeks time. I’ve been growing them out and since that appointment has now been cancelled, I thought why not do them myself! I’ve done them before with my Dybrow Kit which works so well, I love how you have full control over how dark they go to. I always look so much more put together when my brows are done.

02. Do A Morning Mask

This is potentially one of my favourite things to do if I can take a little longer with my morning routine. I know masks are normally done at night or for a longer pamper, but I do love a good morning mask to calm my skin (and reduce redness) before the day ahead. It’s the perfect thing to do in the morning if I’m having a make up free day too.

03. Have A Morning/Afternoon/Daytime Bath

Another favourite of mine, there’s something so luxurious about having a pamper in the morning.. or afternoon! Why should baths just be reserved for the night? Get those bubbles going and have a relaxing day-time treat.

04. Go More Time Between Hairwashes

Whilst we’re all spending a lot of time at home, why not try and train your hair into going longer between washes? Your hair will thank you for it and once everything is back to normal, you’ll find yourself thanking yourself too!

05. Do A Hair Mask (and leave it in overnight)

This kind of leads on from the point above, but why not try to really look after your hair during this time. There’s SO many restorative masks you can make at home (using pure coconut oil is my fave). Leave it in overnight and wash it out the next day, I bet your hair will never have felt so soft!

06. Leave Your Hair To Dry Naturally

I swear not all of these are hair themed! I always tend to leave my hair to dry naturally, there’s some argument about this but I also used to blow dry my hair every single time I washed it and it’s definitely in a better condition now than back then. Even if you leave it until 80% dry and then finish it off with a quick blow dry, you’ll still be reducing the amount of heat you’ve used on it.

07. Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Again, this is the perfect time to get a bit slack with your beauty routine… on purpose! I love leaving my eyebrows for ages before having a good old pamper and shaping them again. No one will be able to see them during the awkward growing stage either!

08. Moisturise… EVERYWHERE

How many of us can say that we moisturise every day? And not just our face or hands… everywhere! Next time you get out the bath or shower, grab your favourite moisturiser and go to town on your whole body, legs, arms, bum, tummy, underarms, neck!

09. Use Up Old Beauty Products

I am a nightmare for having six different products on the go at the same time… that do the exact same thing! It’s definitely a #bloggerproblem but I think a lot of us actually do this. I am trying to get better and use up something before going onto the next thing. It’s always moisturisers that I tend to use all at the same time, but I also have TWO deodorants on the go at the moment???

10. Do That 12 Step Skincare Routine

Now is not the time for a quick face wipe (you shouldn’t even own any!) before bed, now it the time for trying double cleansing, or that new product that’s been sat on the shelf. Try layering your products! Try popping your skincare on in a different order! Use ALL your products in the same routine!

11. Don’t Wear ANY Make Up

This is something I do pretty much every day anyway as #lazy but really, now is the perfect time to go make up free and let your skin breathe. Similarly though, if you want to practice new make up looks or just want to put make up for the hell of it… you do you! But why not throw a few make up free days into the mix too.

12. Try The Curly Girl Method

I am obsessed with the curly girl method at the moment, I’m not even sure it would do anything for my hair as it is straighter than straight, but it’s worth a go! There’s so much advice online, I’d definitely recommend looking into it if you’ve never heard of it.

13. Declutter Your Products

I love a good declutter and what better time for one? There’s something so wholesome by going through all your products, throwing away anything that’s out of date or putting products aside for friends or family (unused obviously… and only when you’re allowed to pass them on to them). I normally re-discover some products that I’ve forgotten about too AND it also makes room for new things… My space always feels refreshed after a decluttering too.

14. Spend Ages Getting Ready

Another of my favourite things to do… You might not be going anywhere or have anyone to impress (but yourself) but how many times are we normally rushing to get ready? Take your damn time! Even if you’re just showering and putting a new pair of PJs on.

Do you have any pampering necessities that you like to do to pass the time? Let me know!