Monday, 3 April 2017

Topshop Make-up | Smoke Sticks

I picked these Smoke Sticks up a little white ago when I was browsing Topshop online, I can never resist their beauty bit. They just have such a good range of items, their products are good quality and I like the packaging. As soon as I saw these I wanted to try them out.

I decided to get these two colours because they were the only ones I was interested in and they didn't have much of a range of colours, it was all coppers and nude shimmers. "Realm" is the lighter of the two, it's a lovely nudey pink colour with so much shimmer in it. I love this for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and the brow bone. It looks quite intense when you first apply it but with a little blending (with fingers) it soon sinks into the skin. It does remind me of a highlighter because of the way it looks on, it can look very natural if you're light handed. I picked up another one in the shade "Trickster" which is again, super shimmery and a copper colour with tiny gold glitter. I thought that this one would look really nice all over the lid.

With a name like "Smoke Sticks" I'm assuming that you're meant to use these all over your eyelids and blend them out to create a smokey eye however this is easier said then done as they aren't the easiest things to blend! Once they're on the lid, they want to stay there. However the best way is to do a little at a time and use warm fingers as this will help move the product. I think the lighter colour is definitely easier to blend then trickster but both look really pretty once on.

I've been enjoying experimenting with these. A darker colour (such as grey shimmer or black) would work really nicely to do a smokey liner along the lid. I also just want to say that I'm not a fan of the name, it sort of seems like someone just went "that'll do" and left it as that? I mean yes it's what they are, but I think they could have been called something more creative/interesting!

Have you tried anything from Topshop's beauty range before? What do you think of these?


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lovelula Beauty Box | March

Another month another subscription box through my door!

Seascape Unwind Body Wash
This is probably my favourite thing out of this box! It comes in such cool packaging which really has thought put into it and that made the whole product feel a lot more special. I love the little seahorse on the packaging! In the bottle you can't really smell this but once you use it, it smells really lovely (not overpowering) and like lavender, it's so uplifting for either morning or evening use. Apparently it contains 100% natural essential oils to soothe and relax. It also contains Ylang Ylang to balance the mind and ease tension. It's so lovely to use and has been the only body wash I've been reaching for lately!

PHB Hand Cream
This is another favourite of mine. Hand cream is something that I never really buy, use or pay that much attention to however hands are a part of the body which shows signs of ageing so they need to be looked after! I found the packaging of this really cool, I love the little tub that it's in. It's a very creamy formula (a little goes a long way) which sinks in well and doesn't leave any greasiness. I've been keeping this on my desk so I remember to use it. I find that when using hand cream you really feel like you're looking after yourself?! It also smells so nice, (Ylang Ylang again) it's very uplifting and the scent doesn't disappear after two secs which makes it a treat to use.

Hurraw! Papaya & Pineapple Lip Balm
Lip balms are something that I always have with me and always applying. I have one everywhere, near my bed, in my bag, on my desk and at work! It's not that my lips are dry, I just like applying lip balm and I like having something on them as I don't tend to wear lipstick etc. This one is lovelula's own range and contains cold pressed papaya seed oil which is great for the skin. I like the fact that this is really natural as putting harsh ingredients/chemicals near my month is a bit of a turn off.

Laidbare For Richer For Porer
The name of this brand and their packaging really stood out to me as soon as I saw this. I typically put this mask on all over my face, leave for around ten mins and then wash my face with it. It's really soothing and doesn't dry at all. It has Kaolin Clay in it which draws out impurities and toxins, Japanese Seaweed Extract to detoxify, Shea Butter hydrates and conditions and Liquorice helps minimise inflammation! All this and it also has Rose Water to soothe irritation. It really does it all, I like to use this mask if I'm having trouble with spots or irritation or when I'm hungover. I have quite sensitive skin so some masks out there can be quite harsh but this seems so light and soothing.

Kimberly Sayer Sample
The last thing which was included in this months box was a sample of a Kimberly Sayer moisturiser. I don't really have much to say about this apart from it did seem very moisturising and I really like the fact that it contains SPF. Talking about samples is hard as I need to use a product a few times to get some thoughts on it however my first impressions of this brand are good!

And thats it! I actually really liked everything which was included in this box as they're things which I'm going to be using all the time and not just put in a corner and never used again. I think this would be the ideal first box for someone wanting to try out cruelty-free items as you've got a bit of everything in there, including every day items such as shower gel etc.

Have you got anything from Lovelula before? What do you think of this box?

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