Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Rock N Rose

VERA Sterling Silver January Birthstone Ring
BELLATRIX Capricorn Sterling Silver Zodiac Ring

Because I did a post all about my other jewellery, which you can see here. I thought that I would do a little review/chat of what I got from Rock N Rock. I didn't know much about this brand before however I think that they are now of the best places to buy unique and personal jewellery from online.


Friday, 25 November 2016

Ways to get out of a bad mood

Bad moods are something that just seem to quite like me, I generally always slip into one through no fault of my own but trust me, EVERYONE will know about it. This is something which I have no reason or explanation for but is definitely something which I would like to change as I would like to become a much happier, more positive person. Below are just some tips that will help get you out of a mood pretty quickly.

Talk it out
Sometimes the best way to feel happier is to simply just talk it out. As they say, "a problem shared is a problem halved" and if there is definitely something which is getting to you then discussing it with someone you can trust can help SO much. If you keep something bottled up, then it won't ever get resolved. Sometimes sharing your problem and telling someone can help you figure out how you feel/what to do and is bound to make you feel a lot happier. Talking is generally the last thing that I want to do when I'm grumpy but even just a few nice words exchanged with a stranger can really brighten your day.

Laughter is truly the best thing and will cheer even the grumpiest of people up. This can be found in a variety of ways but watching pranks on youtube or putting a funny film on will do. It doesn't have to be so funny that you cry with laughter but anything to distract and rise even a hint of a chuckle will do.

Now for me this is mainly musicals. I love Spotify and I use it every day without fail. I used to listen to music on the train, but now I put something on when I'm getting up and ready, when I'm reading, cleaning, when in the car etc. It makes so many situations a lot brighter and more fun. Music is something which should be enjoyed and is the easiest way to boost your mood.

Cry it out
Now for me this is the easiest thing in the world as I seem to find anything to cry about. But somethings there is no turning back and often, just having a good old cry can help a lot. However it should be succumbed to as a last resort and shouldn't last long, after the self-indulunct of feeling shit, this should be the low point that you get to to then think, "this is dumb", to stop cry and pick yourself up and carry on.

Another thing that I find very easy, there are certain things that you just can't be in a bad mood when doing. Online shopping, cleaning and cooking seem to be things that you just CAN'T be moody when doing and believe me, I've tried.

Getting to the route of the problem is one of the only ways to get rid of bad moods for good. Everyone should try to be the best, most positive person that they can be, which I know is often easier said then done. These tips will at least help a small amount.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Home Wishlist + Inspiration

This is a bit of a home wishlist/inspirational post as there is still a few corners of my room which I would like to sort out/change. I am limited with what I can do in my room as I live in a sort of attic so think quite big, but with limited options because of sloped walls. I have a few straight ones, with my desk, bed and mirror but this means that I don't have much room to change the layout etc

As mentioned in the above image, I would like to sort out some of my furniture and how I store things. I'm quite a minimum person when it comes to possessions however I do have a few bits and bobs which I used to keep in a square cube type cabinet however I want to update this and get something slightly better and also something prettier. The unit which you can see in the above image is actually from ikea and is technically for TVs however I like the look of it, it will fit under my walls and I think could introduce a different look to my room because of the metal. It is still white (of course) so will match everything else in my room and I also like the high legs which will make it easy for moving/cleaning.

Desk Update
This is quite a hard one for me as I don't actually know what I want to do with this area. I have a really nice desk now, which I got from ikea and painted the top white and I also have one of those wire mesh grids seem in the image. However it's just all the stuff on top of the actual desk which I want to organise better. I like a tidy space and a clean desk and I want something that I can keep organised.

This is something which I would like to invest in, I have a big overhead light and also a bedside table lamp however I would like to add an additional light around my desk area. I don't want a desk lamp as I would like this to be kept off the desk and the only thing that I like the look of is the light in the above image. It's basically just a bulb which would plug into the wall and that I could attach to my wall grid however finding any (and any that I like) is proving to be quite difficult.

I've put make-up but basically what I mean is how I store my make-up/my dressing area. As I have mentioned, because of the walls in my room this gives me limited options so I have made up a little area in my room with a big mirror, rug, cushion and my make-up and hair things however most of the time I think this looks quite untidy and isn't very inspiring. I'm not really sure what to do to this area or how to change it up so I think continuing to browse Pinterest at the moment is the only thing I can do.


Friday, 11 November 2016

My Acrylics

I started getting acrylics as I hated my natural nails, I could never grow them and would often bite them and the skin around my nails (gross I know) but it was something that I would do often when I was nervous. My friend started getting her nails done and after a few months I started to go with her. Now I won't actually say where I get mine done, however it is important to go to a professional nail salon as my friend went to one before our current salon and was told that they had nearly filed her nails down to the point of no return and you could actually notice this as she had these ridges along her nails. They have since regrown however if she had kept going to that place they would have ruined her nails.

The people that we go to now, not only listen and can do some fabulous nail art, but because we have been going there so long, they know what we like and dislike.

The first time that I got my nails done, I got them super long, sort of rounded and a deep shade of red, which I loved and over the various months I have really experimented with my nails as there is just countless options. I have gone through various colours, nail art and having them different shapes and lengths. This has helped me figure out what I like and dislike, for instance I like having them quite short now however I used to get them really long. Having them shorter, means that I can type easier and that I don't pull (rip) them off as much however they still look nice. I also like having them either square or coffin shaped depending on how long they are. I find that this suits my hands a lot more and they also tend to keep this shape better, as when I have got them curved or pointy in the past, they seem to grow out and lose this shape quite quickly. The good thing about acrylics is that they last three weeks, which is a long time and also short. So if the length is too long or I chose a colour that I liked but then started to hate, it's never long before I can get them changed. There is something so satisfying about getting my nails redone after I've chipped the polish or they look really noticeably grown out. Acrylics aren't obviously for everyone, I go through weeks when I literally destroy them and then I have weeks when they still look perfect. My sister has no interest in things like this and she actually has really lovely long nails anyway, similar to my mum.

I am always on pinterest trying to find nail art however often I will just get ALL THE GLITTER. For instance the glitter tip that she created for me (above) has four different types of glitter. On the rare occasions when I haven't had my acrylics done or I've had them removed, I've not noticed too much of a difference to my natural nails. I think that this would depend on person to person but I seem to have quite strong nails (which I'd extremely happy about).

I do have these moments when I think it's so stupid that I pay someone to add bits of plastic and acrylic to my nails to make my hands look nicer? However then I often think that it's not just that, it's a chance for me to treat and take care of myself and more often then not it's a chance for me and my friend to catch up and gossip, we've had some pretty interesting conversations in that nail salon. It gives us a chance to sit side by side and just talk about anything and everything.

I probably won't get keep getting my nails done forever and who knows, maybe in the future I'll just get shellac instead but for now I'm enjoying experimenting with my nails. It's the only thing that I actually get "done", some people have their eyebrows done and bits waxed however I'm very low maintenance about that kind of stuff and apart from getting my haircut, it's the only time that I actually spend money on myself.

What are some beauty treatments that you can't live without?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New make-up Purchases

Eco Tools 
Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette 

After getting some boots vouchers through the post, I thought that now would be the perfect time to treat myself to some new make-up and most importantly, brushes. I have always been a fan of the Eco Tools range, they were the first proper make-up brushes that I was given for one of my birthdays when I was younger and I still have those brushes now AND use them regularly. I have always been a believer in needing good quality make-up tools to apply make-up with as they can change everything. So when I got a voucher offering 10% off, I picked three which I thought would add to my collection nicely.

I selected the stippling brush as I thought this would be a good brush to apply my base with, I am always changing the way that I do this as I don't like to look like I am caked in make-up. After using this brush for a while now, I've found that it allows me to create the perfect coverage. I've found that is is also good for using after a concealer to make sure everything is blended. The smaller brush which you can see in the above image is a concealer brush and although I have been experimenting with using this for my concealer, I tend to prefer a bigger, more fluffy brush for this. However I have found that this brush is really good for blending eyeshadows and tidying up the eye area.
And finally, I got a big, fluffy brush for powder, blush and bronzer. I have mainly used it to apply bronzer all over my skin as now we are in Autumn and going into Winter, I find my skin needs more help with colour. This brush gives me a nice glowy look without being caked in bronzer and although it is a big brush, still allows you to be quite precise with where you apply.

The best thing about Eco Tools is that they are 100% cruelty free and are made from natural and recycled materials. Their packaging is also really nice, looks fresh and really grabs your attention. However they do use these like, reusable pouches to sell their brushes in and while that might be good for some (and perhaps travelling) I just take mine out and put them with my other brushes.

Now, while I was in Boots and heading for the checkout, I found this Max Factor Palette which I just couldn't leave without. I tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with eyeshadows as I'll either wear them all the time or not at all, it depends on how long I have to do my make-up and whether I'm feeling lazy or not. I first noticed this palette when Kate did a blog post on it and I remember thinking how could such a beautiful palette be so cheap.
They had a range of options however I went for the Cappuccino Nudes Palette as I thought that I would get the most wear out of this and boy was I right. So many of the shades are so wearable and you can either just sweep a shimmery shade across your eyes for a bit of glam or you can do a full on smokey eye which makes this palette so useful and gives you so many options. The shades themselves are quite creamy in consistency and last well. I have also noticed that you don't get that much fall out when using this palette which is something that you get with "cheaper" eyeshadows. I like how there is a good range of colours in the palette, not too many and also that there is a mix of matt and shimmery as often in palettes from a drugstore you don't get this.

What make-up items have you added to your collection recently?

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Rings | Regal Rose, Rock N Rose and The Great Frog London

FALLEN SAINT. Delicate Feather Wrap Ring
WILLOW. Delicate Crystal Leaf Wrap Ring
DEATHLY ROSE. Detailed Antique Silver Ring

I've never been much of a jewellery person, mainly because I either forget to put any on or I find it too fussy, like braclets with their tiny clasps that you need help to get on and off.. Piercing jewellery is about the only thing that I tend to wear and even then I can go months without wearing anything in my lobes. The other issue that I have with jewellery is that unless you buy REALLY expensive stuff, it just turns your hands/fingers/ears green and you end up with either an infection or throwing it away.

However I decided to change this as I just felt so bare (and boring) and now that I know a bit more about my style and I can afford slightly more pricey jewellery, I felt like a few ring additions wouldn't be so bad.

The above jewellery all comes from Regal Rose, a shop which I have known about since forever and I'm not sure who actually introduced me to however they do such beautiful jewellery. I have actually been lusting over the rose ring for a good while (YEARS) and finally decided to treat myself. I wasn't too sure of my ring size so ordered a large with the intention of exchanging/returning it if need be but it fits on my index finger really well and has given me a good idea of what other sizes I would need for my other fingers.

Another shop which I have placed an order with is Rock N Rose, I was introduced to them by Helen as I was watching her youtube channel (vlogs) and she received a package that they sent. After having a look, I fell in love with a few of their pieces. The good thing is that they actually offer 15% off for new customers which came in handy however I haven't actually received that package yet but I should be getting it this week as what I bought was on pre-order. Once that comes I will probably be writing up another post, but just for now I have ordered this one and this one.

Finally, one last ring which I CANNOT stop thinking about is this one by the Great Frog London. Their jewellery is worn by some youtubers that I watch, I first saw Sammi wearing them and then Jess and I think this influence could be why I am so obsessed as I see their jewellery so much. Now this ring is quite a bit more expensive than the others that I have mentioned in this post however for the quality and brand I think it would be worth it. I have a fairly big birthday coming up so I think I'll start dropping hints now...

What are your favourite places to buy jewellery from?

Monday, 7 November 2016

Glossybox | October Box

Again, I feel as if I'm typing this while the November box is on it's way to me however I just can't seem to rush this posts. The October Glossybox was a special one as it had the lovely Estée Lalonde guest editing it, she is so nice and comes across very down to earth so I think this collaboration was quite a successful one. As well as the collaboration, there was also a bonus product in this box which was a recommendation from Estée. It is a shampoo which is "apparently" new however the brand as been around for ages and I think they were just trying to re-invent themselves. There was a wait before the big reveal of the brand, and it turned out to be Head and Shoulders. Now this did actually surprise me a little however I was also hoping that it wasn't Head and Shoulders and was actually Dove or another brand as I was once told something about the brand a while ago which has sort of put me off for life, so although I'll be finishing the free sample, I doubt I'll be purchasing their shampoo in the future.

Truffle Cosmetics - Butterly Lip Cream
This was a lip product which was VERY well packaged up and was quite difficult to get into with me trying not to damage the cardboard packaging of the actual product. I think the packaging is one thing that I really like about this product, so bright and unusual but I dread to think what'll happen when it gets wet as it sort of feels like cardboard. As I have mentioned in other posts, I'm not really a lipstick kind of girl as although they are pretty to look at, I find them too fussy and none seem to suit me. However this is a nice nude shade, I think it would be slightly too nude on me and would just look weird next to my pale skin.

P.S Pro Longwear Lipliner
I have to admit that it was slightly annoying to me that we got TWO lip products in one box (even though they were different colours) I'm just not that interested in lip products however I'm sure lots of people probably LOVED this. Primark beauty isn't something that I would normally purchase from however having tried this on the back of my hand, the colour pay off was really good. It seems very pigmented and didn't come off that much, just faded slightly when I washed my hands but was definitely still there. This brand could be a great option for people who like to experiment with their lip products and colours but don't want to spend loads of money.

Secret Flush - Blusher and Lip Stain Duo
When I was unwrapping this, I was very interested as I seem to have a love/hate relationship with blush as I'll wear it constantly for a month then not touch any for weeks (there is no in-between). The packaging of this product is really nice, simple but clean and I like how little it is, perfect for fitting in a make-up bag. I have experimented with applying this both with a brush and my fingers and it works well either way, I have not tried this on my lips yet however I would imagine that it would be very natural looking, a "your lips but better" colour. This product is very build able which is a good thing as you can be as heavy handed as you like. I have enjoyed experimenting with this and I would like to see similar products to this in future boxes.

Bee Good Facial Exfoliator
These last two products are perhaps my favourites out of this box. This facial exfoliator doesn't look like much when you first get it. It has good packaging, a nice smell and even though it is advertised as "exfoliating", it doesn't look like it has any beads in. However once you actually use it for the first time and continue with your routine when you wash this off, thats when you notice what a big difference it has made to your skin. It's gentle however makes your skin so soft and it feels like it has benefited your skin. Exfoliating is something that I am generally quite careful with as I know you're not meant to do it too often as it can dry out the skin, however this product is very gentle and I imagine could be used quite often. I think that this has been a good edition to my skincare routine.

Rituals - The Ritual of Sakura body Cream
This is another one of my favourites from this box, I tend to not like getting small samples of body moisturisers however I find that they are good for on the go (in handbag) or for using as a "treat" every once in a while. This is exactly what this body cream will be for me as I want to make it last as long as possible because it just smells SO good. It is a really lovely, thick cream which you don't have to use too much of as it goes a long way. The smell also lingers nicely and you can still actually smell it on your skin ages after which is something that none of my other body creams do. Now I am terrible at describing scents so I googled Rituals and found out so much more info about this cream which I thought I'd share:
"A rich, velvety, whipped body cream that deeply nourishes your skin, with its unique blend of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Not only that but the Centella Asiatica in it will help strengthen your skin. Combined this with the wonderful, sweet fragrance of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk and your skin will feel revitalised and silky soft.

So not only does it smell good it actually does so much for your body as well. This body cream really does feel like a luxury and I think would make a lovely gift for someone as well. 

I was actually really pleased with this months Glossybox as although there was two lip products, there was quite a lot of variety in this box and everything seemed so carefully selected. I get a beauty box each month because I like the surprise, the experiment of trying different products and the fact that it's out of my hands and I have to use something that someone else has selected for me. I feel like this keeps beauty fun for me and allows me to experiment and not get stuck or too complacent with my make-up. I think more of the same for next months box would be good and perhaps it would be nice to see some sure of base product, such as a primer or foundation to try out. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hair Hero - John Frieda Fine to Full Blow-out Spray

I first discovered this hero of a product when my mum decided that it just was't working for her and gave it to me to use up. I thought I'd try it out and if I didn't like it then I could always give it away to my sister! On first impressions, I didn't think that this actually did anything to my hair however I don't think I used it properly to start with as I tried using a brush with it to "properly" blow-dry my hair which isn't how I would normally do my hair.

I like to rough dry my hair as I don't like faffing about with brushes, I don't think that they really help to dry my hair and it doesn't add any volume. What does seem to work for me is blowdrying my hair with my head upside down as this does add ALL the volume. This is where I have really noticed a difference by using this product. I spray a generous amount into the roots of my hair, either really wet or towel dry and then dry and it does make such a difference, it makes my hair so fluffy and bouncy. My mum doesn't really like to blow-dry her hair and likes to let it dry naturally which is why this wasn't the right product for her needs (even though it was recommended to her) as it needs the heat to activate it in a way?

My hair is naturally very straight (which I hate) so I'm always searching for ways to add volume and give it texture and I think that I have found something that really works. I tend to wash and dry my hair at night because I need texture in my hair, I can't do anything with it when it is freshly washed (and who can be bothered). I have also used this with a sea-salt spray and the two together were a really nice pairing. This product isn't even that expensive which makes it a haircare staple.

What's a hair care product that you can't live without?

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