Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Closet Clear Out

This is something which I like to (have to) do quite regularly as it allows you to really see everything that you own and offers a good opportunity to re-organise your wardrobe. This should be done ideally  every change of season as it allows you to look at what you have. I used to be really guilty of keeping stuff just because it was pretty even if I never worn it or it was too small. However recently I seem to have learnt more about myself and my style and what I enjoy wearing. I tend to wear everything in my wardrobe now and it really does make a difference.

The first tip that I would say which might seem pretty obvious to some is to do this on a day/evening when you can give it your full attention. This isn't something you want to start when you have to go out in twenty minutes nor do you want your whole room to be filled with clothes all day. Set out some time when you can concentrate and this will not only allow you to get through this task quicker but it'll be easier and less hassle.
Something that I find really helps me is putting on music, I like to do this when I'm doing any sort of task which could get a little boring after a while. I would suggest something like Adele (25), Fleetwood Mac or even something like Beyonce. This is going to make the whole process a lot more fun and enjoyable without you even realising.

Another tip which really works for me is to get everything out of your wardrobe before you start organising it. This allows you to see the amount of space that you are working with and also forces you to look at each item before making a decision about keeping it or not. If you decide to keep it then it can just go straight back in. I find that this really helps as you could have items which were right at the back hidden away which you'd forgotten about. It also allows you to organise your wardrobe as you put stuff back in straight away. I would say that if you're unsure about whether to keep something or not, then keep it until the next time that you come to organise your closet and if you still haven't worn it, then it's time to get rid. There's nothing worse then regretting getting rid of something. You just have to be careful you don't do this with every item.

I would definitely say that you should never keep anything which is "too small" with the hope of fitting back into it again, this is useless and will no doubt make you feel crap in the long run. Getting rid of it presents an opportunity for other items of clothing to come into your life which you definitely will wear! I think that you have to really be aware of what you feel comfortable in and what you like to wear every day, if you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, there no point owning 200 dresses. A minimalist wardrobe with plenty of basics and a few occasional items works well however this all comes down to personal style and taste, you have to find what works for you.

Once you have the items you don't need/want anymore, there is a variety of things you could do with them, give them to charity, friends, family or even put them on depop or Ebay. This is a great way of making a little bit of extra money, recycling and getting use out of something which was just hanging in your closet unused.

Have you got any tips for having a tidy, organised closet?

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Beauty Essentials

These are just a few bits that I find myself reaching for quite a lot and I have found that are some essentials for me personally.

Nail Polish and Base Coat
I generally always have acrylic nails however I have found that nail polish is something which I always have to own. I usually have my toenails painted in some colour or another which lasts for ages, I do this myself as I like having pretty feet however I don't see the point in paying someone for this as it's mainly only me who will see it and who likes having their feet touched!? I don't own too many bottles however I usually have a mint or a light pink available. It's also handy if I chip the polish on my acrylics I can just touch them up/paint over. Base coat is also an essential for anyone who paints their nails as it stops them from turning yellow, I try to buy strengthening ones as I just think that this is better for my nails.

Lip balm
This is something which I always have to have with me at all times. I am OBSESSED with always having moisturised lips so much so that I have two by my bed, two on my desk and more in my bag. On the rare occasions which I don't have any lip balm with me you'll know about as I tend to get a bit grumpy. Nivea do some really nice lip products and this one is a recent favourite as it smells like blueberries and is such a pretty colour. I normally go for ones which I don't have to use my fingers to apply (ew) however this was discounted to 50p and I couldn't resist.

Eyelash Curlers
I am someone who always wears a lot of dark eye make-up in the form of a black eyeliner (always a wing) and lots of mascara. This is something which I have worn for so many years it is just me now and I feel a bit strange without it. Because of this I find eyelash curlers a must have as they add so much lift to the eyes, help mascara to go on better and are literally eye opening.

Light Coverage Foundation and Concealer
The one in the image is technically a BB cream which I like however this one shown is in the shade medium which is a tiny bit too dark for me (I'm very pale) so I tend to mix this with a light foundation. I've found that as I have gotten older, I prefer to wear less heavy looking/feeling make-up and often I hate most foundations as they end up looking cakey. I much prefer a very light coverage foundation or BB cream which sometimes I will still use a damp make-up sponge to lighten even further. I'll then use a concealer to cover any blemishes etc. I find this the best combination for me and my skin personally. The above concealer (Lasting perfection - lightest shade) is one that I have worn for many years and is so good for a hughstreet concealer, this is something that I always repurchase.

Beauty Tools
Pictured is a variety of "beauty tools" which I often use on a daily basis and don't need much explaining. I always have hairbands on my wrist or in my bag as you never know when you or a friend will need one and theres nothing worse than needing one and not having any with you. The same goes for bobby pins however it is very rare for me to need these as I hardly ever pin my hair back, but it is good to own.

What are some of your beauty essentials?


Friday, 26 August 2016

Homeware Wishlist

Hilver Table, Bamboo £85
Alex Drawer Unit, White £90
Harriet Folksy Floor Cushion £45
Bedspread, Blue £15
Wilko Cushion Pale Grey £5
Warmest Throw, Diamond Jacquard £29
Waffled Bedspread, Single £24.99
Hexagon Shelf, White £25
Crosley Vinyl Record Player £160

As I am intending to drag some of my family around Ikea over the bank holiday weekend, I thought that I would put together a Wishlist of a few bits which I'm hoping to add to my bedroom soon. I like a lot of white as I just find that it is a really good base colour and is very bright and fresh. I also like different shades of greys and blues as I find them comforting and they seem to go well together. This seems to look quite cosy to me and as Autumn is fast approaching (although not as fast as I'd like) I seem to find myself looking at blankets and throws far too often.

I have needed a new desk for a while as I had a very small one which fit nothing on apart from my computer before upgrading to another one from ikea which is just looking a bit tired now so I think it's time for another upgrade! The one above from ikea is something that I first saw on Kate's blog and I loved the way that she painted the top white, which is something which I would also like to attempt. I really like the way the white and the wood go together, I have similar items like this in my room so I think this will fit in with my decor well.
As well as this I also have a wall by my bedroom door which is where my radiator is and above this is just a plain, white space so I think some kind of shelf would fit there well as it is quite a small area. I really like the interesting shaped Hexagon ones from Urban Outfitters however I'm wondering if I could DIY this myself as I would want more than one and thats about £50 just on shelves! I love homeware but it's just so expensive sometimes.

What homeware shops do you like to browse?


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Recent Reads

When it comes to reading it is always somethings that I love to do and that I often find is an escape, something which is personal and done to unwind and relax. However saying this, I also love discussing books as everyone has different opinions. Me and my Nan will often buy two books in Tesco to get the offer as a little treat and then we'll swap the books once we've finished reading them as we have similar tastes, like me she reads really quickly so this is something which happens regularly. I enjoy sharing this little past time with her as we'll often discuss the books and we each have our favourites. I normally go for quite "girly" books as I like something which I don't have to concentrate to much on. The above books are some that I have recently read (or am still reading).

Me Before You + After You
I first bought this when the trailer for the film came out as I wanted to read it before seeing the film as the concept really interested me. I really enjoyed reading this book and yes, it did make me cry! I also showed my friend the trailer as we were intended to see it together and she also decided to read the book first. For me, it was one of those books which you just instantly can't put down. I think the film was also really good and followed along the same lines as the book really well. However they did leave out something which I felt was quite an important event for one of the main characters and helped them both bond because of their traumatic experiences. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the book however I just felt this explained her character really well and made her who she was and without it she was just a slightly weird women..? I think that the book has real depth to it and is a good read for many people. It really gets you thinking.
The sequel to this (after you) was again, really good in itself as a book and did tie up what happened to all the characters really nicely if you felt like you needed to find out what happened after the first book however I just can't help but slightly dislike the direction that it was taken in. I really enjoyed parts of it however I think some of it was just written so they could release a sequel. I don't think that you absolutely have to read the sequel as the first book is just so good by itself.

Four weddings and a Fiasco
This was a really easy read which I enjoyed, one of the elements of this book is that the main character is a photography and this isn't something which is often used in books, their jobs don't normally come into the story too much. I felt that this was quite unusual. I know that they say not to judge a book by its cover but this book did catch my eye because of just how pretty it is! The colour blue is probably one of my favourite colours and I'm a sucker for gold foil but regardless of what it looks like, this was again, one of those books where you just have to read really fast to find out what happens.

According to Yes
I was drawn to this book by the author as I have always found her funny however I have never read any of her books (she has three I believe). I am currently still reading this book as although the chapters are short (something which I like in a book) I'm finding it a bit of a slow read. I'm about a 1/4 of the way through and not much seems to have happened yet, however I think that it will pick up slightly later on in the book. So far a 38 year old primary school teacher has moved to Manhattan to be a nanny for a man who has moved him and his children back home to his parents house while he is having a divorce. The concept of the book is that they are quite controlled by the grandmother as she likes order and quiet however the nanny is quite eccentric and really shakes things up in the household. I'm not too big a fan of how Dawn French writes, I find it a bit.. momsy? but not in a bad way, its just quite different to what I normally read. It has been nice to read this book quite slowly as normally I race through books.

What books have you recently read?

Monday, 22 August 2016

Glossybox | My First Box

Beauty subscription boxes (like most subscription boxes) have been around for years however for some reason even though I always liked reading everyones reviews on them, I never felt compelled enough to order one for myself. Recently I decided to treat myself to a subscriptions box (because who doesn't like getting exciting packages through the post?!) and after researching the many different types and looking at different brands, I decided to go with Glossybox.

I was first introduced to Glossybox many years ago (as I'm typing this i've just got an email titled "celebrating our 5th birthday") as it was something that was really hyped up in the beauty blogger community. The concept for anyone who doesn't know is that you get five beauty products sent to your address each month through the post, some can be full size and all are mostly kept secret so it's a surprise what you receive in your box. This works on a subscription basis so you pay a reasonable fee each month and can cancel at any time. Or you can pay in advance for a six month or one year subscription. You can also pay and get these sent to a friends address which makes these really lovely birthday/christmas gifts. 

Mini Monogram Make-up Bag
I was a little disappointed to see a make-up bag in my box as (like many women I'm sure) I seem to have tons of these around the house which I have to find a use for or I give them away to charity. However I like the fact that you can customise it for you and make it personal and I think that this could perhaps be a nice gift for someone.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow is not something which I tend to wear on a regular basis however I do like to experiment with my eye make-up every now and then. I would usually go for neutral colours however this palette has some nice subtle shades mixed in with some adventurous ones as well. I have worn some of the colours already but my favourites are the pale light almost sliver glitter (top right) which works really nicely under the brow as a highlight and the the soft brown, almost purple shade (three from left, bottom row). I think that this palette has some really lovely colours which last well and are good quality, all for just £4. This would be a good palette for someone just starting out with make-up as it allows them to experiment.

Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask
This detox mask has a retail price of £53 (full size), and from knowing this information I had high hopes for this mask. I did expect a lot from something so expensive. It goes on really smoothly and is a dark grey, but dries lighter. It is one of those masks that feel really tight on the skin and it almost feels like its going to crack if you talk/move to much! It washed off really easily (but a little messy) and did seem to leave my skin a lot brighter. If you look deeper into the brand they do explain that the reason it is so expensive is because they use good qaulity ingredients and that over time the mask can improve your skin so much that you wear less make-up. I think that this is a really interesting brand and my first impressions of the product are really good,  it is a something which I want to continue using.

Deep Pore Facial Cleasing Brush
Facial brushes are not something that I am new to as I actually have another which is for exfoliating and can be quite harsh on the skin so one that I could use every day really interested me. This facial brush is meant to brush away dead skin cells, for a deep but gentle clean which will help brighten your skin. I think that this brush does exactly that, it works really well with many cleansers without being too harsh on the skin. As well as the white bristles, it also has silicone cushions which are more hidden from view, these help to improve circulation. From using the brush I have found that I actually use less of my cleanser as it seems to go further.

Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion
This little sample size of lotion has gone a lot further then I thought that it would which I am extremely glad about as it is lovely. I am one that tends to favour sweet smells over anything else but I think that lotion has a really interesting, unusual scent (lemongrass, ginger and rosemary) which is very uplifting. This also really lingers on the skin nicely.

Overall I am really pleased with everything that I received in my first glossy box. My favourites would perhaps be the recovery mask and facial brush. I really enjoyed getting a little treat for myself through the letterbox and I am excited to see what I will be getting next.

Have you ever treated yourself to a subscription box?


Friday, 19 August 2016

What's in my bag?

After realising that the blog that I created all the way back in November got put on the back burner for a little bit ~too~ long, I felt that now was as good a time as any to continue with the blog that I started with so many good intentions. I thought that showing you some of the things that I carry round with me on a daily basis would be a good place to start. 

The bag in question is quite a large one from H&M which I got in the sale for £15. I always tend to favour large bags as I like to generally keep a lot of stuff with me and it is also the bag that I take to uni with me so it has to hold notebooks etc. I don't really seem to change bags very often, I prefer to own one for a long time and take care of it. I don't think I have ever owned a coloured/colourful bag, it will always be black. I tend to go quite classic with the intentions that it will go with everything! I  try to just take the essentials around with me but I do tend to get carried away, and in no time its normally full of stuff, half of which I probably don't need. 

The make-up bag is from Cath Kidson and was given to me as a Christmas present by a friend. It is a really good size as I like to literally carry around my entire make-up collection. I like that this is made from a wipe clean fabric as it makes keeping it clean a lot easier, as we all know how messy make-up can be!

I like to keep make-up for touch ups with me at all times, such as a foundation and a brush (obvs) and also mainly eyeliner and mascara as I tend to wear a lot of black eye make-up. I also find that keeping hairbands and hair clips are essentials, you never know when you (or a friend) will need one. As well as this, perfume/spray, a hairbrush and gum are things that I tend to have with me.

A few other little essentials that I try to always have with me is wipes, something that you generally will always need or use at one point or another. This also stands for hand gel and headache tablets. I always keep a pair of sunglasses with me as well and also lipbalm as this is something which I find myself reapplying at all times of the day and night. 

Not pictured is things like my purse/phone/keys, things which everyone has in their bag as well as a carrier bag (damn 5p charge), phone charger, endless receipts and probably crisp/sweet wrappers. Things which aren't very photogenic, however saying that this has given me the perfect opportunity to clear out my bag. 

What do you keep in your bag?

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